Reunion DInner @ Kado & Maurice

Last Friday, on the 22nd of January, a call was up! A night to go back to the past. To have a chat with friends for over 16 years! A night of reunion for our primary school after 10 years!

I arranged and called up and texted and searched everywhere I could to look for old friends for the past weeks! It was hectic and I nearly gave up but of course I didn't =) And I'm very very glad with the outcome.

We had it at Kado. I reserved seats for 14 people but more than that turned up! How awesome is that! I can never be happier when I saw those who rejected at first, to appear there that night!

Time set was 7pm but as you know, Malaysian time. Haha! So we early birds had our drinks while waiting for the rest to come =)

See how happy we all were? =D hehe...

Still waiting. Though some of us were hungry and had ordered for food~~

The more we chat, the more the past came back to us! And it's a good thing! Good that we remember stuff after that 10 years of growing up~~ Am so glad everyone remembers everyone else~~

The gentlemen...used to be little boys running around school playing 'Jadi'. Hahaha!

Oh this is Miss Ling. She's the only that night who couldn't recall most of us! Hahaha!

Tables almost full. Foods around and around and about~! Picture taken by Edmund. Thanks to him for taking my camera to snap a few pics. Else I don't think I'll have any pic of me that night at Kado. Haha!

But then hor! He purposely took pic of me eating! Apu~~~

I was rather shocked when I know that Mrs Lai is gonna be there with us! She told me that she's working but when she appeared, I feel more than happy! She took leave just to be there with us! How great is that!!!

Smiles and laughters~~~ We shaked the whole Kado that night with our laughters!!! Seriously we were LOUD!!!

Some came early, some came late and some can for a little while only~


Of course group photo is a MUST! Although 3 person were missing in this photo. Bad bad bad! One left quite early. One came a little late. And one came super late! Hahaha! But I'm more than glad to know that they actually make the effort to come right after work!

And to our craziness and our used-to-be naughtiness!!!!

After dinner, we left Kado at about 10.30pm for the second station. I wasn't suppose to be there! Have to work the next day but then it's a once-in-awhile thing and I hate to disappoint people. So I went~ Edmund and Jerome left us after dinner. Too bad! Next time friends!

So we ended up at Maurice after several choices and thoughts and questions and answers. Haha! Finally decided a place where some can sing, some can drink and some can play~

Mr and Mrs Lai~ It seems like Mr Lai is already drunk eh?

And he said the previous photo not nice. So take second shot. But he looked away!!!!

Take 3. Like this baru betol mah!!!

Ah Cheok and Ah Bert. Look alike hor? Both grew up to be handsome man!

And this is Mr Khoo. Pharmacist Khoo I say. Hmm...shocked by the flash? Haha!

Our Miss QQ of Etiqa~~ Who wants to buy Etiqa please find her!!!

What does this picture above say to you? Brokeback mountain? Hahahahaha!!!!

Eng eng eng!!!!! Who ask you cheat kid!!!!

Ah ini dia. Our CEO Mr Ong. He came the latest. Hahahaha!!! And he was very tiaw geh. Doesn't even wana take picture with me!!!

Take 1: Miss Khoo and Miss Goh. The pig is still sleeping~~~

Take 2: The pig slowly open her eyes~~~

Take 3: AND THE PIG IS AWAKE!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

Miss Ling and Mr Liew. Nice~!

Oops! Caught in action!!! Taken by Mr Lai.

Eh don't kacau me with flashes lah~ Hahahaha!!!!

And CEO kacau'ed me with his finger!!! So I pun ganas balik lah!!! Hahahaha!!! Friends!!!

Ahh....Miss Ling in action too!!! We were singing together. Hehe =D

And the best looking gentleman that night goes to.....Mr Fan!!!

There's still a few pictures up with Miss Goh. Gonna get from her soon. That's if she and I are both free. Hehe =)

Seeing everyone grow up and still able to be friends, is such miracle~ Friendship should go on and on like a circle. Should never end.

To all my dear friends of SK St Theresa Padungan Y2K, let us all be the bestest friends for one another. No hard feelings should be kept. No revenge should be in mind. Just friends and friends only! We should stay tough together and never forget each other.

I miss you all! And I'll never forget that night! Let's look forward to our next gathering.

Til then~

Missing you all!!!


ahlost said…
My reunion is coming soon.. But we've no plan yet.. Only know it's on the 4th day of CNY if i'm not mistaken !!
aNgeL-cuPid said…
I'm having another one on the 6th day of cny. hahaha! going d11 for steamboat~~
TeddyTales said…
Wow! Everyone have changed a lot >_<

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