Jerome's birthday

During the previous weekend, at this very sunny rainy Sunday afternoon, Jerome my old old friend invited me to his 22nd birthday mamam over at 4 Points Sheraton. At first when I received his sms, I read wrongly. Instead of 4 Points I saw After 4. Haha! Which at first I thought, 'ok just a simple lunch'.

But then when I was driving back from office on Sat noon, my head was spinning and thinking about stuffs. Then it suddenly hit me! Reread the sms! OMG!!!!! 4 Points ui!!!! Don't play play arh!!!

SO!!!!! Since orang chia 4 Points, present must be BIG lah! Cannot be stingy!!! So me, Galvin and Andrew planned to get him something 'useful'. Hehe =D Ok enough of craps. Time for photos!
When people tell me 12pm. I will normally reach 10minutes earlier =D Aku bukan orang Malaysia. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! No follow Malaysian timing =DD So since the other 3 are PURE Malaysians, I need to wait lah. Don't wana wait alone in the lobby so waited in car with darling lor~ Sempat dating =P~

And sempat take photos. Eh first time touched down 4 Points ok! Must photos gao gao~

Ok so here was where we lunched. Familiar? =) It's The Eatery. Buffet lunch~ RM38 per pax. Of course sponsored by boss! Hehe =D

Just right outside of the restaurant is the swimming pool. Nice!
But no one was swimming at that time. Haha!

Looks nice~

Sushi anyone? =D


This chocolate cake is NICE!!!!!
This one nice too!
And this too!!!
This is just ok ok nia lah~
This one also very normal lor~ It's the coconut jelly inside. Forgot what it's called.
This one SUPER SWEET~!!!!!!!
AND THIS ONE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The after effect =D Everyone too full to walk around.
Nice lunch Galvin? And he peace with me~
Seeing tanglung everywhere brings out the CNY mood~


And thanks for the lunch~ Awesome experience!


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