Just some random camwhore of me and my cousin. It's been so long since I camwhore with her. Kekekeke

First shot. Not nice. My face look so big and I have a hugeass pimple. I tried to fix it using Photobucket but failed die die. So I just let it there =(

Second shot. Um....please don't ask why I smile until like that. Hahahaha!

Ok a better third shot. Heeee~~ I miss hanging around with my cousins lahhh!!!! Hate it that all of us had to grow up and start working and then have less time spent together cos we're just too busy with own stuff. Sob....I wana turn back time!!!!


Eve! said…
Pandai u do d camel smirk [second pic] =p

p/s: Rodz mia photo jgn lupa aaa.Bawa traffic itu =P
kallyempire said…
Can try photoshop~ it works very nice and easy to use once you get the hand on it =)

Picture taken by ur Nikon?? **nice**

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