My First Charles & Keith

Holaaaa~~~ I'm back from KL and back to work on Monday. I know last weekend I 'curi tulang' a little for not updating my blog. Hehehe =D That's cos I ran away to KL for 3 days!!! Of course made a few purchase and played the whole fun and never to forget the ever welcome free gifts from my very dear aunties.

Will make a proper post about my trip this weekend after I compile all the photos. For now I wanna show off my gift from my aunty. Yeap you are right! She gave me a BRAND NEW CHARLES & KEITH HANDBAG!!!!!!

Brand new mind you!!!! BRAND NEW!!!! Purchased all the way from Singapore!!!! Kekekeke =D

This is my very first Charles & Keith item. I never thought I would own one cos everytime I walked into the store at Spring, I will only walk out empty handed cos it's just way too expensive for me. I for one, do not spend on branded items. =)

So yes I am superly hyperly uberly and whateverly HAPPY AND HYPER!!!!!

If the photo ain't that clear, here's the link to the Charles & Keith website =)

Thank you Mei Ee!!!!! Oh oh!!! Wait!!! My mum got PRADA HANDBAG!!!!! Genuine PRADA!!!!! Grrrrr!!!!! I'm not sure if they're brand new or used once or twice but hey, IT'S PRADA!!!!!!! I'll show off next time. Hehehe~~


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