Chinese Astrology Compatibility

Alright let's take a break from my very loso feng shui post about next year's life. Hehe =D I'll post up something which I find very interesting. My cousin had been bugging me about it and finally tonight I googled for it. I'll make a summary out of it instead of posting the whole chart. Cos I'm super lazy at taking down the photo then upload into Photobucket and resize until you all cannot even view it. Haha! I'll try to highlight them for easier reading ok? No promises =P~

Angel's Summarized Version of Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart 

Rat         - Dragon, Monkey  (Avoid: Horse, Goat)
Ox          - Snake, Rooster    (Avoid: Horse, Goat)
Tiger      - Horse, Dog          (Avoid: Snake, Monkey)
Rabbit    - Goat, Pig            (Avoid: Dragon, Rooster)
Dragon   - Rat, Monkey       (Avoid: Rabbit, Dog)
Snake     - Ox, Rooster        (Avoid: Tiger, Pig)
Horse     - Tiger, Dog           (Avoid: Rat, Ox)
Goat       - Rabbit, Pig         (Avoid: Rat, Ox)
Monkey   - Rat, Dragon        (Avoid: Tiger, Pig)
Rooster   - Ox, Snake           (Avoid: Rabbit, Dog)
Dog         - Tiger, Horse       (Avoid: Dragon, Rooster)
Pig          - Rabbit, Goat       (Avoid: Snake, Monkey)


So, have you found yours? Hehehe =) I only posted the compatible and incompatible ones. The average or good ones are up to you to find out. Hehe =P Best of luck to you all out there in love!!!!


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