A night down the valley

Last Wednesday night, I went to dine at Happy Valley with my baby after his exam. Hehe =) Well, it's our first time there. I heard it's quite beautiful inside. So we went in, settled down and ordered food.
The interior is indeed very nice. There's a small bridge and underneath it is a pond filled with stones and water. The lightings are very nice!
The small valley in Happy Valley =)
One of the candlelight stool.
Before our food came, we were being served with some kind of chips? Hehe =) Ate this thing somewhere before but forgot what's it called.
Our drinks. I had Hawaiian Delight, the orange ones while baby had Pink Lady. I like my drink. It's very sour. Haha! As for the Pink Lady, it's just some gassy drink =/ Disappointed lor!
Then~ With the benefits of My Privilege Book. We had 2 mushroom soups FOR FREE!!! Nyahaha!!! But hor! The mushroom soup isn't that nice though. Not creamy enough. For me lah!
Baby ordered grilled chicken chop. Part of it were burnt! Ngaiti! Chao ta how to eat??? *faint* Then it's so freaking small! Sigh~
I had cheese chicken chop. Oh ya! We both ordered our chicken chops in mushroom sauce. But yuck! The mushroom sauce doesn't even taste like mushroom sauce!!! Very very disappointed lor!

Luckily there's discount (My Privilege Book) lor! If not I think I'll complain much much! Then when make payment, asked the girl to bring us the bill. They simply charge gok! Apu~ Add in don't know how many cans of Heineken. *pengsan!* Sigh~ Don't know how to say punz!

We both left there complaining. Haha! Won't be there again =P Westwood and Secret Garden's chicken chop ARE MUCH NICER!!!


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