Flower de Language

As promised, let's have a look at the newly opened florist at Rock Road Kuching. The beautiful shop is called Flower de Language. Situated next to Amazing Pets at Fortune Land.That's where the shop is located. Owner of the shop is a friend of mine, Victor Chen. He and his partner, Michelle Yong are the owner of this shop. Very nicely decorated even the exterior. As you can see, it's not like any other florist found in Kuching.
Why is it called Flower de Language? At the main entrance, placed a purple board full of words. Written on it were the meaning of each and every flower found in the shop. Not only that, each stalk of roses added up will bring out different meaning. Do get a good look at the board =)
Flower de Language isn't just a florist shop which sell flowers like roses. But of course, nothing comes first than the red roses of loves~
They too have nice colored wrapping papers if you order the flowers in bouquet.
Different colors of wrapping papers and ribbons will be found in the shop.
A thought for your loved ones? Make a sweet Valentine gift for him/her with the lovey dovey decors around.
With these, I bet you will definitely capture the heart of your loved ones =)
A bear in bouquet? Never seen aye =) Unique!
Cute lil pups hanging around the corner just in case your loved ones doesn't accept flowers =)
Tons of cute little stuff just for girls~
Girls girls girls~ A place like no other than in Flower de Language~
No where to place your handphone? Keep them safe and sound in these cute little pouch. Comes in different colors and materials.
Nice decor~
Sooo feel like hugging them all!!! Ain't it perfect as a gift for girls? Cheers~
More bears around!
Not only bears! Koala! Pandas! All sorts of toys!
These are just tooooo CUTE~
Ooww.....a couple froggy for lovely couples =)
Thinking of wedding decors? Have these loves and roses as backdrops, make your night the most wonderful ones ever!
These are what you can see by the entrance.
A welcome sign to Flower de Language~
Simple yet beautiful~
For home decor as well, these vases and decors will brighten your corner~
A gift for big business? There you go~
Different types~
And oohh for the newly wed~
Roses roses roses! I just loveeee roses~ Mmm...why no blue roses?
Flowers and more flowers~
See this? I love 'em much! It's hanged on the ceiling and lets the leaves down. Awww~
How to spell it? M.A.G.N.I.F.I.C.E.N.T!
Rattan balls? Can be as decor as well! How sweet~
Some closed up pics of the flower decor~
Icey rose~
Pink petals~
White carnation~

Alright~ I was invited to the opening at night. Heard there's buffet being served. So there you go~ Foods!
Yum yum~
Plus some candies as door gift~
Mystery gift? Hehee =)
Then came the lion dance. Entered the shop and played around~
Mmm...I wonder what were they doing...

Anyway, do visit the shop alright~

Wholesale and Retail:
~Fresh flower
~Artificial and dried flower
~Floristry material
~Bouquets/Floral fruit basket/hamper
~Wedding and events design
~Bridal hand bouquet
~Floral arrangement
~Condolences wreaths
~Official opening
~Creative gifts
~Office, hotel, restaurant contract, etc...

Contact: Michelle Yong 019-8770777
Victor Chen 016-8602682



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