Lovin' ESPRIT!

My latest love! Muax to my new baby~ Hehe =DLast week while I went on duty at roadshow at Spring, I shopped around sure lah! Hehe =D Then then then, my hand super itchy that I went into Esprit which~.....
Caused me to buy this expensive bag! Urgh! I feel in love with it the first time I saw it! Love at first sight! Gosh! Hahaz!
It's a sling bag. I've been wanting one looooooong time ago~
Love the buckle strap and the soft comfy material of the bag~ Awww~
That's how the interior looks like. There's a hook tied to a band in it. Don't know what's the purpose anyway. Hehe =)


Want to know the price? Hehe =P


ahlost said…
Wah.. I sho long didn't shop lor T__T

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