The Bites @ Batik Boutique Hotel

Last weekend, I was given the privilege to dine at The Bites which is located at Batik Boutique Hotel. It's just right opposite Tun Jugah shopping mall in case you don't know. The place used to be Tarot Salmon Anyway, there's tons of photos ahead so keep scrolling and keep reading~

View from the main entrance. A small restaurant that opens for breakfast til supper.

There's a round table set for bigger gatherings. See that sliding door over there? It actually leads to a garden bar! Dang I love that bar! Gotta hang out there some time =P

Lemon soda with mint. Nope. Not my drink. Just for the sake of photo =P

My blackcurrant soda with lemon. Me love Ribena!

Pumpkin soup. Love how they decorate their food =)

And my beautiful mushroom soup with garlic bread =D They actually made this mushroom soup from scratch! It's not available elsewhere. The taste is just so different. You gotta give this a try!

Fresh vege salad. Yummy! Ever seen a salad with brinjal? You can definitely find it here!!!

Lamb burger set that comes with wedges. Not mine. Lamb isn't my favourite. Heee~ But this patty looks good =P~

Chicken burger with pineapple! First time encounter this. Wonder how it tastes like.

Now here is my favourite beef burger!!! They made all the patties by themselves. This is how special the place is. They actually made everything by themselves.

Lastly, I must present this to you. This is a treat from the management. It's called jelly mooncake infused with tuak and wolfberries. One piece cost RM5. Now this is a MUST-TRY when you visit the place. It's seriously awesome stuff!!! I wanted to buy back but that's all they had and we finished it =P I'm not a fan of tuak and this is only the second time I tasted it, all I can say is it got me wanting more! I shall go back and have some take-away =D

Later after the meal, the lady was kind enough to show us around the hotel room. It's my first time into the place. Looks good, feels good!

Just so you can get the feel too =P Beautiful architecture isn't it?

One of the room showed to us. Simple and made all of us wanted to just stay there for a night. Hee~

Beautiful bathroom! I love the glass panel and the head shower!

This is the bathroom of another room. A more special one with bathtub and 2 doors! There's actually another tempered glass sliding door that you can open and *ahem* enjoying watching movie while bathing =P~ Oh come on! We all know that's not the purpose of that door! Hahaha!

View from inside the bathroom. Ok I wanna bath now. Bye! =P

My judgment?

Food wise: It's special because they made everything on their own from scratch. I'll probably give the lamb burger a try next time.
Price wise: It's just the standard price. The portion is rather huge so it is worth your every cents! RM5 for a piece of jelly mooncake infused with tuak and wolfberries? I will DEFINITELY go back and buy!
Environment: Cozy and comfy. But am loving the garden bar more than the restaurant =P

In simple words, just give it a shot if you've never been there before. A place worth trying out! 


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