Last Day at Lim & Teo Adv

So I've been jobless for the third week now. Yeap! I left my previous company. I was working at Lim & Teo Advocates for the past 3 years. It's the longest I've ever worked with a company. I remember how it felt when I first walked into the firm. It was quiet, small and I actually had a room to myself. That feeling was unexplainable! 

My 3 years there was really good. My boss is a great lady. Colleagues are really friendly. My workload wasn't alot and it was because of that, that I managed to pass my Diploma in time with distinction =) In simple terms, I really enjoyed my time there. Although yes on every single morning I will get the dreaded feeling of not wanting to wake up and drive to work, but looking back now, I'm really glad to have joined this firm. 

Anyway, I need to move further. So I decided to quit and move on. It was a heartache decision to make. Took me days and nights to consider about it. So on 14th of September, I packed my stuff and off I went to start a new chapter of my life. On my last day, my boss treated us all to lunch at The Dyak. Let me just let the photos do the talk for now =)

Every Chinese will want a bowl of rice for their lunch. Typical~

Daun ubi. This is the leaves of potatoes. It's a MUST TRY dish when you're at the restaurant. I love the way they cooked this dish. I would say it's SUPER AWESOME!!!

Midin cooked with belacan. Personal opinion? I don't quite favour this dish. I still prefer the daun ubi.

Fish! I love fish! I'm not a fan of seafood but I do love fish. I supposed it's the only seafood that I love? Hee~

Three layered pork. Yes the restaurant is not Halal because they serve pork. I don't really take fatty pork but I would say when this dish came with belacan sauce, it tastes really good! Do give it a try!

Last but not least, AYAM PANSUH! Yes it is still my favourite dish of all time!!! I will never miss ordering this dish whenever I'm there. It's just my 2nd time there but I can never forget this dish. Hee~

Taking the last shot of my room. I'm gonna miss this place alot. I know I do cos at this moment right now, yeah, I really do miss the times I spent in this room. It's more like a second home to me. Had been decorating this room with all my personal stuffs. Now everything's back to how it was before I set in. I hope the next owner of this room will take good care of it and tidy it well.

If there is any other place that I will turn back to, it will be this firm. This very place that I spent my everyday for 3 years at. The place I threw my laughters, tears, study stress, results achievement, friendship, relationship, and every other stuff. It's my comfort zone.

At 5pm on 14th of September 2012, I walked out the door with tears rolling down my cheeks......


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