Rainbows and Stars

Hola hola hola!!! Yes I am alive! I'm still alive despite being hospitalized for 4 days due to kidney infection. Owh the stays sucks but with friends around me, I'm good as ever now! I shall make a long blog post with eerie photos of the needles and bloods next time round =P~

Previously when I quit my job, I was jobless for 3 weeks. Until a friend saved my life. Wilson was nice enough to hire me and now I'm working at 100Yen shop located at RH Plaza. Do drop by to say hi ok? Be polite. Anyway, when I thought flipping a new page will just merely be another chapter of resuming work and normal life. But what I did not know is that, this new chapter actually came with rainbows and stars!

Here before I forget, I wanna thank one person. Because without him, I wouldn't be here today. So hype and excited and *ahem* soon-to-be-hopefully-la FAMOUS! Hahahahaha! THANK YOU CYRIL DASON! I owe you one! One what? One laksa can boss? Hehe =P~

Enough of words, I'm here to show you a video where I was one of the cast. An awesome production by 4 Common Good Production Sdn Bhd. The crew is more than just awesome, they're the BEST people I've ever worked with! I couldn't stop laughing and enjoying myself when I was with them. Oh friends are bliss!

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the video~

See you at #IYCC ! from 4CG Productions on Vimeo.

Lastly, I would like to extend another thank you to the one who is about to make me famous. Wahaha!



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