Thursday, March 29, 2012

New World Park

It's fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood time! =D On 2nd day's night we finally had some awesome food at Penang. Many thanks to Edmund who walked all the way from his apartment to our hotel and I must write this, under the rain! Haha! It rained every single night when we were there! 

Anyway, while waiting for Edmund to come over our hotel, we explored into a new place just a block away from our hotel. It's a new place for leisure, shopping and eatery. It's called New World Park. 

There's Guardian pharmacy, boutiques, fine dining place, a centre court and a food court. A small place but good enough to spend time. There's Ipoh Town too. Again, why Kuching no such place? Haha! =P

When we were there, a group of ladies were doing aerobic dance! It's kinda cool. They have an instructor at the centre stage and with music blasting out loud, they all gather to exercise. A very healthy thing to do! =D

New World Park sign and the direction sign at the centre court.

This is the food court. There's about 20 lots. You can find whatever that you wanna eat here. Ok except kueh chap and kolo mee and Sarawak laksa. Hahaha! =P Maybe I should open one stall and sell laksa. My business should be good eh. Hehe =D

Here's our dinner. We didn't want to eat too full because we were waiting for the rain to stop so that we can walk over to a nearby place for that awesome char kueh teow.

From top: Banana pancake (It's actually apam balik with banana inside. Quite nice), steam dumplings, Pai Tee and lok lok rojak.

After our dinner, the rain didn't stop but was drizzling. On the first night we went hunting for a cap for Kent cos he didn't bring his. We didn't wanna buy umbrella cos I know we can't bring umbrella onboard and we're not checking in our luggage so it will be a waste. But we were so dumb that we forgot about Edmund! We could give him the umbrella after we leave Penang! So that night after dinner, we head over to Guardian and bought an umbrella. With our proud orange color umbrella, we walked under the rain in search for good food!

Jalan Rangoon off Jalan Macalister. Edmund highly recommended us the char kueh teow here.

Our supper. Char kueh teow and belacan fried chicken. The portion of the char kueh teow is rather small and it costs RM3.50 per plate. I would say it's worth it. I'm not a huge fan of char kueh teow but I think this one's nice =) As for the belacan fried chicken, sorry to say, no difference with normal fried chicken. KFC beats that all!

Last but not least, this is a MUST TRY! Kopi peng! The best I've ever tasted! Beats all Starbucks coffee! Super awesome! Man I wanted to tapao this back for my mom but I didn't do it. Argh! Next time I'm gonna just bring my mom there for this glass of supertastylicious kopi peng! =D Now I'm missing this coffee. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~ EDMUND! Tapao for me now!!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fort Cornwallis

Right. So it's already the 3rd last day of March and here I am writing only the 3rd posts for March. I'm glad my boss didn't fire me yet. Oh maybe just yet =P Boss, if you're reading this, don't fire me ok? I'll gambateh next month. Hahaha! Janji tu mungkin mungkir lah =P Ok before I procrastinate more, I better start writing.

Continue from previous post, it was after day 2's lunch at Penang, we took the bus to Penang Hill. But argh! Luck wasn't on our side. The minute our bus reached the gate, the security closed it! I went down and asked, they said the cable car are gonna be under maintenance for 2 hours and my face went =.=''' wth! So I went back to the bus and told bf about it. Oh great! 

We thought, ah since there's no place to go and I didn't bring my schedule with me, might as well head back to hotel, get some rest and then reschedule everything. So we hopped back the bus and told bus driver that we wanted to go back to Prangin Mall bus station. But while in the bus, I saw an angmoh holding a map. I had the urge to borrow it from her but I feel paiseh so I held back. I start fiddling around my phone's Google map and see if I can find anything interesting nearby. Then I saw Tourist Information Centre, I felt as if I got hit by a brick at my head. How can I be so dumb that I didn't think of taking a map from the airport at first place! Dumbass! After searching around knowing that the information centre is near to jetty, I went to the bus driver and asked can he send us to jetty, he said ok and I felt so relieved! Boy that was a near hit!

So here we are! Church Street Pier! Penang's jetty for ferry transfer and for all the other cruises and boats to anchor. This is the newly built jetty.

We saw Libra Cruise and ferry! I wasn't that excited about the cruise but was fascinated to see the ferry. Hehe =P There's so many cars and motorbikes going onto the ferry just to get across. Have you been on the ferry before? How was it? =)

View from jetty. Lots of parking space for small boats.

From the jetty, we had to walk down the whole stretch until the Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower. Opposite the clock tower is a roundabout where you can see humongous metal nutmeg. I didn't know that's a nutmeg until Edmund told me. Hahaha! Noob head! The information centre is the end of the shoplot in front of the clock tower.

After collected the free map, we headed opposite to Padang Kota Lama for tea break. Coconut drink and mee sotong. This mee sotong sucks! Too oily and too spicy. We end up finishing all our drinks cos it's way too spicy for us. No more second chance!

Facing the Padang Kota Lama is.....................................

Hello from Fort Cornwallis! =D I didn't plan to come here cos friends told me there's nothing to see inside, but since we've got extra time now and it's just nearby, so we went in and explore. Just wanna know how empty it is.

Entrance fee: RM2 per person. Ok bah. They need that small fee for maintenance of those cannons.

The history of Fort Cornwallis which I'm lazy to read. Oh that proud statue is Sir Francis Light. The founder of Penang Island. He was the one who built this fort during the war with er...........ok fine. I threw all my history back to my cikgu already. So don't ask me. Go seek Mr Google.

There's a small chapel in the fort too. The doorway is really low. I wonder why they made it that low. The angmohs can enter meh? They're taller than us Asians kan? Hmm........

Do you see what I saw? =D Mari kita berperang! RISK! =P~

The big boy with the huge cannon ready to kaboom Straits of Malacca =D The lighthouse still standing proud eh. Nice! But can't enter =(

Conclusion? It was empty at first when I was lurking around but then when I found those cannons, I got excited. Ok maybe small things like these makes me curious so that's why I was happy =P

It didn't take us long before we head out and explore the streets outside. Oh there's another name for Padang Kota Lama which is in front of Fort Cornwallis, it's also called Padang Esplanade =) And here, you will find lots and lots of beca!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~ I LOVE RIDING BECA! Yes instead of calling is a tricycle, I think the word beca sounds cuter and suits the transport itself =P RM20 for the uncle to send us from Fort Cornwallis back to our hotel at Jalan Burma. Worth it? ABSOLUTELY! Although the sun was scorching hot but ah who cares! It's not like you get to ride beca everyday here =P So it's a MUST! I made riding-beca a compulsory activity in my list. Hahaha! I think my happiest activity at Penang will be riding beca =D

Oh this! See that slightly lighter greyish stretch on the road? That's the railway tracks. They didn't remove it and yet still maintain it so well. How can you not love Penang for the itsy bitsy stuff that they took the effort to maintain right?

Random buildings that we passed by. From top is the St George Church. It is said to be the oldest Anglican church in Southeast Asia!!! And what's proud? It's located at Penang! Awesome kan? =D Next is St Xavier Institution. St Joseph's brother. Below is Penang Court House and next is the main overhead bridge at Penang.

Last but not least, the Leaning Tower of Komtar! Hahahahaha! Don't blame me. Blame the bumpy beca ride =P

Dinner will be on the next post. Oh finally meet Edmund on 2nd day's dinner. He'd been so frustrated over the rain that we brought. Hehe =P

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kek Lok Si Temple

Penang trip day 2 starts off with awesome breakfast!!! Day 2 is the day I planned for Kek Lok Si Temple visit and then to Penang Hill because they're just about a few streets away though you will need the bus to take you there. Can't walk. Hehe =P

We went to this coffee shop nearby our hotel. It's located before Lorong Macalister. A very quiet place but because we were too hungry and lazy to walk further for food hunt, so we settled here.

Hokkien mee and curry mee. Hokkien mee is available at every corner of Penang but they have different styles. Some with fishball, some with pork but they're mostly dry noodles unlike what we have in Kuching which is sweet and soupy. The curry mee, we both agreed that it tastes so much better than assam laksa we had the night before. Haha! =D

After breakfast, we proceed to digest our food and walked our way to bus station at Prangin Mall again because that's the main bus station for all the different routes. It's more like a bus terminal. Today we're taking bus number 201 or 203 or 204 to Kek Lok Si Temple. Bus ride was again RM2. Kek Lok Si Temple is located at Air Itam which is to the south of Penang.

YES! The day we're gonna walk up the temple right to the new bronze Guan Yin statue. And our journey begins =)

A humongous stone welcomed us! =D I have no idea what's written on it though.

When you reach this turtle pond, you know you're almost there. There's dozens of turtles in the pond. Big and small. Some on land, some swimming, some sunbathing while the rest just hide under the shed. Hehe =)

Hello from turtle pond at Kek Lok Si Temple! And then we proceed to climb the stairs.

Til we reach this big temple. Er that's actually the view outside the temple. No idea where that leads to. Didn't bother to check it out.

There, this is the big temple. Full of lanterns and gold God statues. Sorry but I have no idea what God this is and I have no 'human-dictionary' with me right now. He's busy elsewhere so yeah, you guys gotta bear with my needless explanation.

The gold God statues. They have the whole wall covered! Beautiful isn't it? =)

One thing that I always find fascinating about temples, their beautiful paintings on the ceiling. I had quite a hard time capturing this photo. Didn't manage to get a perfect one so had to post this near-perfect photo. Don't blame me, I was without a tripod =( And blame the Nikonian who doesn't know how to handle a Canon DSLR =P

Proceed with out journey without wasting time. Mom told me there's a way to get up to the very top where you will see a huge signboard written "回头是岸" but I can't seem to find the way =( Failed! So sad weh! I wanna go back and explore more.

That's the temple with the many gold statues.

Ah! Another part of the temple with many standing statues. Love this beautiful place!

My perfect shot of Kek Lok Si Temple using my very dear HTC. Yes! This came from my phone! =P

Hello from Kek Lok Si Temple! 9 years ago I was at this very exact same spot for a solo photo. 9 years later I'm here with my heart =) 

Next was to find our way to the bronze statue of Guan Yin. I wonder why they hung so many red and yellow lanterns all over the place. Anyone has any idea why? Feed me with knowledge.

So you aren't able to walk up. You gotta take this incline lift in order to reach the bronze statue! RM8 for round trip per person. Actually you can drive up, I just don't know how. Hee~

Going up! My first time taking this incline lift. 9 years ago the statue was still under construction. Now I'm back for more!

We found us! =D It's the year of dragon so yes we RAWR with red ribbon! =P

Little doggies carrying the huge heavy dog. If you know what I meant =D The little doggies seem tired no? =P

A small pond filled with koi fish~

That's the old Guan Yin statue. The other day while I was Googling about Kek Lok Si Temple, I stumbled upon a Penang guy's blog and he wrote about this old statue. It is said that at 1988 there was a huge flood at Penang and one of the arm of this Guan Yin statue actually broke. People had the beliefs that the arm broke just to save the people of Penang. Well, it's a beliefs so let's just pass it on =) Now the old statue is left at a side with only the top part remaining. I think the old one's more beautiful. Looks more pure.

The bronze statue of Guan Yin! I guess the left part is under maintenance or something. It took me some time to finally capture this perfect shot. Right it's perfect for me ok? So don't bother commenting on my photo skill. You know I suck at using Canon camera.

Hello from the bronze statue of Guan Yin! We finally made it to the top! Awesome feeling! =D Hmm....I wonder if those doors below the statue will ever be opened to public. And then again, what's inside? =P

It was lunch time that we decided we've seen enough of Kek Lok Si Temple and head down for our lunch. There's many coffee shops just below the temple. And we chose this coffee shop. The one with more people. Normally it means the food taste better eh? Hehe =P

*slurps* I'm making everyone drool at this hour. Wahahaha! Right. I'm making myself drool as well =.= Namely, curry mee with frozen pork blood and chicken rice. That's what I call food from heaven! Love the frozen pork blood!

Next up, we took the bus and went to Penang Hill. Hey wait up! Don't leave my page just like that. Drop some comment and do come back for more posts =) Chao!