Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just the two of US!

Me being VAIN now! Muahahahaha!
These pics were all taken at baby's place. Muackz! He as my photographer and me as his. Hehe =D And also me as our photographer. Hahaha!
Nice kan? This pot of decor is always our spot to snap pics~
Now his turn. Always the ah pek pose. SO sien!
Ini baru betul lah! Baru ada gaya sikit!
Muackz baby!
This one is quite nice eh? Hehe =D I use the camera auto-snap settings.
So dark leh!
AhHh! I still loooooove this one!

Love you baby!

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ahlost said...

(woot) Couple shots wor.. :) Nice nice :)