Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Pressie

Come come~!~! Time to share share what I've got this year =D
A pink floor mat for my room. Cute kan? Hahaha! This one actually isn't a Christmas gift lah. It's just something mom bought for me. Bro has one too but his is bigger and it's blue~

This is from my beloved mommy~~~~
A pair of jeans, a top, a necklace and a angpow. Kekekeke =P~
Yay~!~! Another accessory to accessorize myself~~ Lalala~~~ But hor! I found out that I don't usually change to other necklace. Cos always use the one I wear daily. Maybe get a new pendant next time. In stainless steel. Muahahaha!!! Time to pamper myself can? =D
This one's from bro
A small towel and a shower cap. Haha! I've been wanting to get a shower cap. You know what he says? He said "Sis I know you're gonna get me something useful so I also get you something useful lor". Haha! Yesh I got him notebooks and pens.

We two shared present for mom. A red wallet =D

And lastly, never wrapped. Gifted by my darling. The novel was actually bought long time ago and been with me but I never take it out. He said cannot take out from plastic bag til Christmas. Hahaha!!! And the pants is what he insisted me to get. Kekeke =D Thanks darling~

And thanks mom and bro~!

KELLY ANAK KONG! MANA AKU PUNYA PRESENT??? Tau I don't want give you first. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

This year I'm super broke so I only bought gift for 4person. Mom, bro, darling and les-ku. Hahahaha! Oops! No! Blek~! And next year I'll be even more broken. Aihh....cannot cannot cannot!!! Must save money for trips!!!

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