Monday, September 27, 2010

Brown Puppies

Time really flies a lot faster this month than previous months!!! It's already 27th of September! Gosh can I turn back time??? I don't want 2010 to end so fast =( It's quite a good year actually. Apart from the accident and near accidents. The whole year was good. I met lotsa new friends and learnt lots of new stuff. More to come!!! September ends with only 4 posts from me. I'm posting this random post tonight.

Found these 2 brown cute little puppies behind my house the other day. It was raining and I didn't care. Took my DSLR, took my umbrella and I went to snap their pictures before they ran off. Hehe =)

Sniffling something eh~

That was when I tried to lure them near to me but I failed =.= Puppies ba. Still scared of me who is such a huge human being =D

Hmm....I think it's attracted to the roosters and hens in that house.

The other brother. Cute kan? Hehehe =D

I've been so busy this month over studies and practice for performance. There's another performance coming up this weekend over at Pullman/Hills. EarthDance will be performing at the bridal fair. So do drop by around 6-7pm to support us ya! And most of all do snap a few photos of me!!!! Hahahaha!

Have a great week ahead people!


Norris said...

cute earthdance ya?...

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Agree with you that the puppies are indeed cute.