Monday, March 7, 2011

Tomorrows Leaders Summit

BOO! I've been trying to crack my head and think of an attractive post title but I just couldn't find any so I posted the lamest one of all =.= I know, you all are gonna ask me what is Tomorrows Leaders Summit. Sounds like a boring seminar by a boring company right? Or just non-stop talk about how you can be a leader *yawn!*

Let me introduce myself to you. I'm a Dragon and I'm also an Arian. So the word 'boring' is definitely OUT from my dictionary when it comes to event =D I for one, do not like to attend boring seminars. And do you? I think the many times when I sat still in seminars during school time was because I was with my mp3 player plugged into my ears. HAHA! Ok lucky I left school already =P

Alright I'm suppose to do the introduction for Tomorrows Leaders Summit and not myself =D

Erm....actually I do not know what is it about =.= Why am I writing this then if I do not know anything about it? 


Yes I'm bribing for the free passes from Sarawak Bloggers =P Tell me what do you see from the poster above? =)

Tell me that you DID see Amber Chia from the above poster =D

Now I tell you my reason for wanting to know and go to Tomorrows Leaders Summit 2011. IT'S COS I WANT TO SEE AMBER CHIA!!!!!! I love her! Oops sounds wrong but YES I look up to her!

Ok ok I admit. Modeling was ONCE my dream career. And Amber Chia is just there to inspire me more! She's so tall and beautiful and so successful in her career and now she's a wonderful mother of baby Ashton! She has got her own style, her own natural beauty and her best attitude! *salute!*

Tell me that she is not pretty and I'll block you from my blog. LOL

Hmm.....and she's HAWT too!!!!! =P~

I only have one wish now. And I need one luck. I hope she spots me on the day and then take me as her student =D Yes that's my wish now. So please WISH me LUCK! And do dare me to ask her that question! =P

I better go and prepare my script of what to say and ask when I meet her. Bye!

Oh oh wait wait!!! Please join us at Sarawak Bloggers if YOU want to join ME to meet up with AMBER CHIA!!!