Saturday, April 30, 2011

My First McBreakfast

Still remember when McDonald decided to give everyone the voucher for free breakfast back about 2 months ago? I was one of those crazy peeps who went super duper hyper early just to eat for free =.= Well of course it's not exactly free cos you'll have to spend RM5 minimum in order to redeem a voucher.

So yeah who else but my casual crime partners namely: Evelyn, Thalia, Chiang Hui, Sui Yin and Jim. Eve was the one who printed all the vouchers. She even had them in different sizes =.='''

So, I was the first to arrive, as usual lah~ That was about 7.15am when I reached and to my shock, man Kuchingites are just so greedy when food comes in free. Human traffic queued up til the doorstep already!!! What else was I waiting for?! Queue lahh!

After about 5 minutes, the rest came and we queued up altogether for half an hour =.= zzzzzzzzzzzzzz......Yes I nearly fell asleep cos I haven't had my morning coffee! I didn't even wake up that early for work! 7.15am was like my weekdays wake up time!

The result after half an hour queue =D Satisfaction! We all spent about RM35 in total and we only used 4 vouchers which we actually were allowed to use up to 7 vouchers! But heck who's gonna eat all those when there's only 6 of us. So we only get 2 extra which we thought the guys would eat them. But I'm the one who ended up having an extra piece of hash brown~ Slurpsssss~

Our sinful 8 sets of McDonald Breakfast! Breakie is fun!!! Oh what did we do to the other 2 extra sets? Jim and I shared one of the set and I actually delivered the other set to Oliver who was supposed to join us but sadly he had to attend class on a Sunday morning! So, pity him lah and I be the kind one to send over. Ho ho ho! Say thank you again! =P~

Hmmmm.......let's just gather the few of us and do more breakie session once in awhile~ =D It should be fun! 

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Jim Elsom said...

We all shall do it again from time to time. But you and eve will always be alert for discount food! Hehehehehe.....