Wednesday, January 11, 2012

欢子 - 得到你的人却得不到你的心


You! When I wanted you, you told me to stop. Now I stopped and moved on, you came back to me.

Months ago, you came into my life. Bringing changes. Bringing new life. Bringing happiness. Bringing laughter. You know how to tickle my soft bone. You know how to talk things into my mind. You know how to communicate with me. It's been a while since I felt that much alive. Oh you know, new stuff.

And then I started to crush. Crush hard. Tried to pulled myself back. Saying I MUST RESIST. But I can't. So I worked my way up. I pushed through locked doors. I lifted fallen logs. I tear and tore the tall grasses. And in the end, I hurt myself.

Then God's will came. He brought it to me in a very very ugly picture. It gave me a bang in my head. Real hard bang. Might even caused PHD. Permanent Head Damage. Yeah that's the way it works on me. God knows I'm stubborn and won't listen to anybody. So He decided to teach me the lesson Himself.

Soon after that, I gave up. I know it's God way of saying "It's not right" to me. I know it's just a dream. A very wonderful dream He gave to me earlier on just to have a different taste of life. Thank you, I said. No I'm not mad. I'm not pissed at Him. Though yes I was pissed at God for that ugly picture. But not for that dream.

Even if I was able to have you, I know, I will never be able to capture your heart...

I tasted. I resisted. I fought. I learnt. I grew.

So now I'm moving on. I hope you will too. I hope you can have your dream come true. Great buddy I will still be. As the song goes:

I won't hesitate no more, no more,
This is our fate, I'm yours~

Yes yours. Your great buddy. Not your woman =) You woman is her. Go ahead and pursue that dream of yours. I'm sure you can. Don't go back to the past. Live the present. And hope for the future.

You know who you are *winks*

*tones of hugs&kisses*

Good luck!

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