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NYE 2012

Last post for year 2012. Celebrated my new year's eve with Tony and Hin. Brought them for dinner and around town. Ended up at Porkies =) 
Guinness. Declaring this as my all-time favourite liquor.

Simple yet delicious~
Keep them tasty keep them clean.

Many things happened in year 2012. Learnt alot. Especially from quitting my job at Lim & Teo to joining 100yen. Jumping from one relationship to another. It had been a heartache. Hearts broken, tears wasted, lesson learnt. We fall we get back up. We got lost we seek our way out. We learn we grow we know what to do next. We all became wiser as time pass. Things changed. People changed environment changed. We adapt to the changes around us. I've always live without regrets because regrets bring nothing out of me. Appreciate your past because without them you will never be where you are today. Be it bad or good. Say thank you God.

Happy New Year~

Cookie Jar

So much to say
Yet words can't describe
The way I felt
About your words last night

It was only a cookie jar
That was baked from far
It was only a Starbucks drink
That created the link

It's been a roller coaster weekend
Funny scary yet adventurous
The insanity that I found sane
The happiness that is mysterious

Who is this man
That God sent
Where is this path leading
If I'm still doubting

Wishing upon the many stars
To shine on us as we depart
Hand in hand, heart by heart
Til the day God draw us apart

Yours truly
Perpetua Angeline


Hunting for Pastry Chef

Hello Mr Pastry Chef! So I heard you've read my previous message eh. I hope you do get this one soon. Will only keep this open until you leave. Anyway, I'll go straight to the main point first. Your sis wants you to bake while you're here. Cos the cookie jars at home had been emptied and she misses your cookies and bread alot. She mention about some sour bread thing? I've no idea what's that and am in a hurry to scroll back our long conversation.  So can you please just bake some? Then I can try as well when she brings to work =D hehe....another matter. Why are you so shy? Haha! You know how to get to me. And I'm stuck here with not even knowing how you look like. Any chance for meet up while you're back? Alright I gotta go now. Early morning rush. Just drop me a comment or email ok? See ya! =)

P/s: That other message was for my best friend =)

Food of Year 2012

Behold! This is gonna be a post all about the random food I had in year 2012. Not alot but still. Enjoy the photos. Won't crap alot cos photos speak for themselves. Hehe =D Start scrolling to ease your appetite =P 
Dated 1st September 2012. Bing's ice blended chocolate. I remember this one was an afternoon tea with cousin Chee and we both ordered the same drink. It's been awhile since we hangout. Some day soon my dear? Cheers~

Dated 27th September 2012. A gift from Dennis all the way from Japan. Thank you love~ Mom love it much =)

Dated 3rd October 2012. Oh the crispy pork noodles at Stutong area. Somewhere behind Public Bank. Can't remember the name. Was there for supper with Martin and Fabian. Miss those times I spent at their shop almost everyday. Hehe

Dated 5th October 2012. This one looks familiar. Can't really remember though. It's confirmed pork ribs. Not Howdy's not Porkies. But where???

Dated 24th October 2012. Those were the draught Guinness stou…

Monster Dash 2013

Woohoo!!! I made it! Dated 26th October 2013. I completed my first competitive run. It was a thing I never thought I will be able to accomplish all this years.

The story begins with: I'm not a runner.

That phrase is now changing my life.

On one random evening, I signed up for an upcoming run called Monster Dash. Intially I thought I just wanted to have fun and run with friends because Olivia whom I call my kakak is inviting the Gymboxers to join the run. She told me that she wanted to get at least 30 members from Gym Box to join the run with her. So I told her to post it on to Facebook and I can help tag friends.

So we started tagging and sharing about the run on Facebook.  And since the registration, I told Olie that I want to start training for the run so that at least I will be able to finish the 5km run.

So since then, Olie guided me through. She taught me the right technique. The speed, the striding, the posture, the incline, the pacing and every other knowledge that I need …

The Raintree Restaurant International Buffet Dinner

Tired of the same old cafe you go on every Friday night? Or contemplating about having Japanese or Chinese or Italian for dinner to start on a great weekend? Need a change from all the homecook and clean food? And to the gym-ers, want a total cheat day? I know just the place! Wahahaha! Cos I just had my total cheat meal last Friday night and it was awesome! Savouring those buns, cheese, mayonaise, cakes, rendang, and ooohhhhhh I love the taste of black pepper sauce!
Let me bring you back to the around-the-world-dinner~ All available at one place. One comfortable restaurant with beautiful view of Sarawak river. The Raintree Restaurant located at BCCK~~ They're having the international buffet every Friday from 6.30pm to 10pm. The buffet started last weekend and I'm not sure how long it will last. Probably until New Year. 
The price to dine in will be RM72++ per person for adults and RM34++ for kids aged 5 to 12 years old. So if you're above 12 years old then you're cons…