Food of Year 2012

Behold! This is gonna be a post all about the random food I had in year 2012. Not alot but still. Enjoy the photos. Won't crap alot cos photos speak for themselves. Hehe =D Start scrolling to ease your appetite =P 

Dated 1st September 2012. Bing's ice blended chocolate. I remember this one was an afternoon tea with cousin Chee and we both ordered the same drink. It's been awhile since we hangout. Some day soon my dear? Cheers~

Dated 27th September 2012. A gift from Dennis all the way from Japan. Thank you love~ Mom love it much =)

Dated 3rd October 2012. Oh the crispy pork noodles at Stutong area. Somewhere behind Public Bank. Can't remember the name. Was there for supper with Martin and Fabian. Miss those times I spent at their shop almost everyday. Hehe

Dated 5th October 2012. This one looks familiar. Can't really remember though. It's confirmed pork ribs. Not Howdy's not Porkies. But where???

Dated 24th October 2012. Those were the draught Guinness stout days spent at HOF =)

Dated 6th November 2012. Ensaymada! This was given by Miko's mom. My first time encountering Filipino's buns. Absolutely delicious!

Dated 9th November 2012. This char kueh tiao looks like they're from Causeway Bay. Haha!

Dated 13th November 2012. I remember these Starbucks drinks. It was free drinks day. On one random afternoon Starbucks decided to give out certain free drinks. Me and Tony went to airport's Starbucks to get ourselves some free drinks. Hehe thank you Starbucks!

Dated 14th November 2012. Chocolates given by Taki when he came back from KL and visited me at the hospital. Eek! Thanks again Taki~

Dated 14th November 2012. Eh same day with the chocolate above? Oh wait! It's the day I had a wedding performance! This was from Sharing Planet Downtown. Me and the ED crews went there to feast after the performance. Oh yes!

Dated 17th November 2012. Jimmy's wedding dinner. Happy wedding~

Dated 3rd December 2012. Random shopping resulted with Koko Krunch. Yummeh! I miss eating these cereals!

Dated 12th December 2012. The day I work overtime and someone delivered me dinner. Thanks!

Alright. Chao~ Time to close up for year 2012. Last post coming up hopefully soon =) Cheers~


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