The Raintree Restaurant International Buffet Dinner

Tired of the same old cafe you go on every Friday night? Or contemplating about having Japanese or Chinese or Italian for dinner to start on a great weekend? Need a change from all the homecook and clean food? And to the gym-ers, want a total cheat day? I know just the place! Wahahaha! Cos I just had my total cheat meal last Friday night and it was awesome! Savouring those buns, cheese, mayonaise, cakes, rendang, and ooohhhhhh I love the taste of black pepper sauce!

Let me bring you back to the around-the-world-dinner~ All available at one place. One comfortable restaurant with beautiful view of Sarawak river. The Raintree Restaurant located at BCCK~~ They're having the international buffet every Friday from 6.30pm to 10pm. The buffet started last weekend and I'm not sure how long it will last. Probably until New Year. 

The price to dine in will be RM72++ per person for adults and RM34++ for kids aged 5 to 12 years old. So if you're above 12 years old then you're consider as adults. But why our parents never treat us as adults when we're in Form 1? Haha! Any child below age 5 will get to eat for free. 

Always start a good meal with appetizers. Appetizers are too good to be missed! Don't skip straight to the main course cos you might find gold in appetizers =D

Ham! Love how they displayed the ham. Instead of the normal plainly laying flat on the plate they had it forked up. Haha!

Look at how adorable the view is from top. Hehehe

Gold like salmons are food you will miss if you skip appetizers. Smoked salmon! But I still prefer my salmon the raw way. Hehe =D Raw salmons with wasabi! Oh nom nom nom!

Prawns wrapped in I-don't-know-what but this one's good. Oh and they actually dipped it inside marinated cucumbers and pudding. Nice combination! Love the sour and spicy!

I seriously do not know what is this but this tasted awesome! The best appetizer I had ever had! Or probably I had clean food for too long and I really love everything I taste that night. Haha! 

Buns and bread! I love buns and bread and pastries. I'm a bakery person. Never bring me to a bakery cos I will not walk out empty handed. Hahaha! And I've been holding back by buying ONLY wholemeal bread from bakery these days. So you can already imagine what happened to those buns that night.

What more to say when there's this platter of CHEESE just next to them! Hancussssssssssssssssss!

Sushi! No I'm still good at holding back not to eat rice. Hahaha! I'm not a rice person anyway~ Always prefer noodles than rice. Was tempted to try these but I knew I had to save my stomach for something else. Something better. Hehehe

Buns! Yes I can't have enough of buns. I love buns so much that my mom once said that if I continue to eat more buns, my face will look like one =O

Baked potatoes! They even have sweet potatoes too. But potatoes fill your tummy so fast that I decided to skip this as well. Hehehehe But then again, whoever judge a potato's taste kan? Potatoes always taste so good be it baked or boiled.

Dim sums! These are pretty normal though. I can have dim sums like every week. So yeah, this one's just ok ok to me la. Probably what's missing is some really good chilli sauce but then again it will spoil the whole taste =P

Baked chicken with olive and potato. This one's rather normal as well. Cos I eat chicken everyday. Hahaha! Except mine is without olive. Hmm olives =D Me love!

Oh sweet Mediterranean lamb tagine~ Complicated name to imagine the taste? In short, it tastes totally like rendang. Love this one! Nope there's no roast lamb for this buffet. Roast lamb are kept for the special occassion. Hehehe

Looking for something Italian? Tadah! They have lasagna! I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this lasagna!!! How I wish I can finish the whole plate by myself =P

Baked salmon with olives, herbs and lemon. Now this is the one dish I kept going back to =D Countless rounds of baked salmon. Baked salmon taste so much better than smoked salmon. Well to me that is. Hehe Oh and they topped it with cheese!!!! Ahhhh!!! I think I need to learn this recipe from the chef. This is good!

Lastly, no roast lamb? No worries! They have roasted beef with roasted root vegetable and baked potato. Sauces available? Black pepper sauce, mushroom sauce and BBQ sauce. English mustard and dijion mustard are available too. This beef is so tender and juicy and roast to perfection! Yes! PERFECTION! It's been so long since I had such good beef. Thumbs up to this roast beef!!!

As for desserts, I had to choose carefully what I eat. Haha! Kinda disappointed there's no cheese cake. This one's bread pudding. My first time having this. It's warm though. I prefer my dessert cold. Hehe

What's dessert without fruits right?

Or some might prefer fruits tartlet. Cute little strawberries and peach.

Pandan cake. I miss their chocolate cake.

Last but not least, BCCK's dessert trademark. The chocolate fountain!

Think this is what they have? Actually not. I didn't snap photo of the pumpkin soup, buttered prawns, panseared fish and fried kuay teow. Oh the fried kuay teow is good! I miss eating those oily fattening food. Hahaha! Ok enough of my clean food craps.

Once in awhile we must eat some good food to treat our tummy well. So when is that once in awhile? Let's make it once a week. Every Friday 6.30pm can I have someone date me to this international buffet at Raintree Restaurant BCCK? Pweeeessssssssssssss! It's only RM72++ for adults and all you have to do is call up 082-392988 for reservation. Hehehe =D Ring up the place, make a reservation and drop me an invitation email ok? See you there!


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