Monster Dash 2013

Woohoo!!! I made it! Dated 26th October 2013. I completed my first competitive run. It was a thing I never thought I will be able to accomplish all this years.

The story begins with: I'm not a runner.

That phrase is now changing my life.

On one random evening, I signed up for an upcoming run called Monster Dash. Intially I thought I just wanted to have fun and run with friends because Olivia whom I call my kakak is inviting the Gymboxers to join the run. She told me that she wanted to get at least 30 members from Gym Box to join the run with her. So I told her to post it on to Facebook and I can help tag friends.

So we started tagging and sharing about the run on Facebook.  And since the registration, I told Olie that I want to start training for the run so that at least I will be able to finish the 5km run.

So since then, Olie guided me through. She taught me the right technique. The speed, the striding, the posture, the incline, the pacing and every other knowledge that I need to know and prepare. It was my very first competitive run. I never run long distance in my whole life before. To me, 5km is already a long distant.

For weeks I trained on treadmill in the gym. And then something happened.  My right foot start to hurt. It aches badly for 1 day and then 2 days after every single time I ran. I knew something is not right. Because I had a medical case on my right foot before. That was back when I was only 9 years old. I had an accessory bone near my right ankle. At some point I almost gave up running. I was so frustrated at my pain. I questioned myself: Why is it that I finally want to start running,my foot gave up on me.

But I know I must not give up. By hook or by crook I will run Monster Dash run that I'd already registered.  I will not let anything stopped me from running. So I went to seek the doctor's advice. He told me everything that I already knew. Except for one. I asked the doctor only 1 question. Will I still be able to run for the rest of my life? Dr Yu, with his smiling face said "Yes you can still run. This is only a small matter". And I came out from the clinic hyped! I knew from then that I need to take very good care of my foot if I want to run further.

The run last night was awesome! I may not be at any position but I finished the run and I didn't  feel any pain at all.

We started running at about 7.20pm. At the beginning, I lost my pacing. There were boys disturbing and yes I was very lost at then. But when we came out from Bampfylde road, I caught back up with my own pacing and ran at my normal speed until I reached Fata Hotel. The zombies were zombie'ing all over the place! I screamed and ran through them.  I felt bad for knocking Angie at her head. Haha! Hope you're fine there girl. Anyway, after the terrifying zombie attack, I lost my breath and had a terrible time going up the reservoir hill. Since there, I was out of energy. Not only that, my left toe was blistered because of friction from going downhill. I couldn't run anymore but I kept pushing myself. When I was running pass St Joseph church, I only had one thing in my mind: Olie is waiting to see me at the finishing line. So I pushed myself harder. I kept running and running. When I finally reached the finishing line I was so glad. So happy so excited and last but not least, so proud of myself. And needless to say I went around looking for Olie and finding her standing there with her 1st runner up for women category tag. Wow! Was the only word I can say.

It was an extremely good experience.  I now know how a competitive run is like. Monster Dash was just a fun run. But I think I took it rather seriously and learnt alot of lessons through that.  I may be slower than I thought but I know I'm progressing.

Running is not about competing with others. It's always about competing with yourself. It feels good to overtake people during the run but that's not the main point. One gotta remember: No runner is best. Everyone is always in progress.

I can only thank Olie for guiding me so much before the run. Without her guidance, I won't even finish the run within an hour. I didn't time myself but I was definitely slower than my usual 40mins on treadmill.  Honestly without her by my side last night, I really lost my pacing. I need to train more. But not yet. I have to get my foot fix before I proceed to anymore running.

Lastly, thank you Olie! I will run side by side with you soon =) And congrats on your winning!

P/s: To that special someone, one day I will run with you. Remember, I started running because of you.

Pp/s: Dear Pastry Chef, not sure if you will see this but this is the only method to send message to you. I'll be waiting for your cookies.  Thank you. And make sure you bake for your sis also ok? Hehe =)


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