About Me

Callings ~ Perpetua Angeline
First Day ~ 9th April 1988
Seek Me ~ angel_pep@hotmail.com

Not the ordinary type of girl. Trying to live this outrageous life out of the box with happy rainbow colors, love being around friends, tend to talk a lot when we clicked but will emo at a corner when I'm sensitive. Life and human?.....Unpredictable! Don't step on my dragon tail and I will spare your life =)

Favourites ^^

**Time Wasting Activity**
~ Dancing
~ Photography
~ Travelling
~ Puzzle games
~ Online

~ All of Italians
~ Burgers
~ Chocolates
~ Cheese
~ Red wine

~ Red

**4 Legged**
~ Dogs
~ Sheeps

 **Rhythm To Enjoy**
~ All of Backstreet Boys' songs

~Grand Canyon
~ Paris
~ Australia
~ Miami


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