Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HaPpY 6tH aNniVerSarY tO earTH DancE~

WeEeEe~~~~ As many doesn't know!!! Even Dodi Momi doesn't remember!!! But I do~! Hahaha! Today marks the day of the 6th year anniversary since EarthDance started!!! Heee~

Well, I don't really know the history of EarthDance since I'd just planted my seed 5months ago. Hahaz! I like going dancing at EarthDance! Then whenever we have any performance or gathering, everyone gives everyone the feeling of being in a big BIG family~! We are ONE! We are EarthDancers! Right Dodi Momi? Hehe =D

I'm gonna put up a few links below. It's where you can find out more about us @ EarthDance! And not to forget!!!

EarthDance was formed by Paul Lau Lee Poh (Dodi) & Alysha Toh Siew Wei (Momi). They both started dancing since then *ahem* that time they were 'paktoh'ing' if I'm not mistaken. Hiak hiak! Til now that they're married! Heee~

Here are the links peepz~

EarthDance friendster ~ http://profiles.friendster.com/earthdance
EarthDance website ~ http://www.earthdance2u.com
Alysha Momi's friendster ~ http://profiles.friendster.com/alyshatoh
Paul Dodi's frienster ~ http://profiles.friendster.com/paullau
Alysha Momi's blog ~ http://weiwei.myearth2u.com


This is us~! We are ONE~! Hey EarthDancers!!! Do gather around our site aight? Heee~ Love you all so much!!!! I LOVE EARTHDANCE~! DODI MOMI I LOVE YOU~! Hahaz!

HaPpY 6tH yEAr aNnivErsARy tO eaRThdANcE~!!!!


ahlost said...

happi anniversaly.. hahaha..

Warrence said...

Yes EarthDance forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEAHHH

So happy to see someone talk about Earth Dance here haha! I should have say something about EarthDance in my blog also. aNgel i COPYCAT you, bluek!

aNgeL-cuPid said...

hahaz! eee! warrence copycat! lolx! surely need write lor. anniversary worh!

alysha aka weiwei said...

ed never remember the anni, and ed never celebrate anni, angel marks the 1st one, n oso the xxxx one, angel u get wat i mean, hehehe

so touched when i read this post ... :)