Sunday, February 3, 2008

Will You Be My Valentine...

Cupid is in the city
Lovey dovey spirit in the air
Red roses, love cards, sweet quotes
All willing to send till doorstep

I see no point for celebration
The past is still haunting
Doors locked, four walls I face
Forbidding myself from the world outside

Lying in the dark, I closed my eyes
Similar faces floating away
A sudden light caught my attention
I saw, I recognized, I smiled

It was you, who smiled to me
It was you, who gave me your hand
It was you, who accompanied me all this while
I just didn't notice you

Now that the door had been unlocked
But I still don't dare to open up
Just to ask you
Will you be my valentine...

Truly yours,
Perpetua Angeline

p/s: This post is specially for someone..I hope you know who you are...Just a valentine...

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