Will You Be My Valentine...

Cupid is in the city
Lovey dovey spirit in the air
Red roses, love cards, sweet quotes
All willing to send till doorstep

I see no point for celebration
The past is still haunting
Doors locked, four walls I face
Forbidding myself from the world outside

Lying in the dark, I closed my eyes
Similar faces floating away
A sudden light caught my attention
I saw, I recognized, I smiled

It was you, who smiled to me
It was you, who gave me your hand
It was you, who accompanied me all this while
I just didn't notice you

Now that the door had been unlocked
But I still don't dare to open up
Just to ask you
Will you be my valentine...

Truly yours,
Perpetua Angeline

p/s: This post is specially for someone..I hope you know who you are...Just a valentine...


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