Wednesday, August 27, 2008

KFC Lunch..

Thanks for all collegues for chia me lunch at Country Court last Friday. Alot alot of thankiu.Today and also last two days in the company, so i take this opportunity to chia them back lo...
Don't know what to eat also.... need to fixed a budget also bah.... hehe..
End up.. i had got a final decision to chia them just simple lunch.. hehe .. KFC...

:: Serving featured is for illustrated purpose only.. keke..
1 set HS barrel (21pcs chicken) - RM59.65
1 Large french fries - RM3.29
1 Large potato wedges - RM3.29
12 pcs chicken nuggets - RM8.33
Sub total - RM74.56
5% GST - RM3.73
::Grand total - RM78.29 (Round up RM78.30)


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