Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last post for Year 2008

So this will be my last post for the year 2008 as Year 2009 is coming just after an hour more =) Let's have a flashback at how my whole year went shall we?

Backed to school. Took P7 and P10 together. The day I met my baby boy =) It was like a new start for me. So fresh at school. Haha! Went to Ah Pao's bro's wedding dinner. Just replacing my aunty and uncle. The announcement of EarthDance closing down =( Also, tHe Spring mall was opened on that month!
#January baby: Hunz, Dodi Paul, Adeline Chen, Ah Tim and etc...

Chinese New Year~!~!~! Had the most fun Chinese New Year ever~! First time visit baby boy's house. Hehe =) This year's CNY we(me and mum) didn't go back to kampung cause mum was working. And so I didn't follow dad and bro. Instead, I stayed at home to do some cleaning and also, visited Spring with baby boy (that time still friends. so lau sit) kekeke =D It's also a Valentine month. My first time giving baby boy a Valentine gift =P
#February baby: Alvin Chan, Brian Goh, Emmanuel and etc...

1st of March marks the beginning of a new journey towards love. My sweet darling actually asked that question *grins* BUT! March 08 also marks the day I made my beloved granduncle, Mr Kuang, sad. Why? Cos I told him I'm gonna leave KYK in a month time. Sobs...BUT I MISSED KYK!!! Hmm...I bought PS I Love You from MPH eh. Hehe =)
#March baby: Kelly ak Kong, Wilson, Wui Lung, Darren Kho, Alice, and etc...

My birthday month~!~! Also baby boy's birthday~~ Hehe =D We celebrated our birthday together~ But I still brought baby boy to Patio during his birthday. I had my happiest birthday celebration this year. It was real great to have so many people around~ April 19th was the day I left KYK Agency to work over at Unisense.
#April baby: ME! Baby boy! Evelyn, Hellen, Chew Lian and etc...

Met this guy named Victor. He opened a florist shop and invited me over for his grand opening. Nice guy~ Tough time at work =/ Nothing much happened in May. All I know is that, I had a huge war at work. Haha! It's a month for all mothers in the world. Happy Mothers' Day~
#May baby: Papa, Sam koko, Galvin, Rose, Chee, Sam Teo, Fung, Yong, Kuet Phin, Sze Yian, Ricky and etc...

The month I made my first purchased at Esprit @ Spring. My splurge was the sling bag which I fall for on first sight. Now I do believe in love at first sight! Haha! Had roadshow over at Spring for 3days. Fun I say =) Baby boy sat for his exam. I brought over doughnuts from Big Apple for him the day before exam. I also nearly gave up on my job. Haha! Whatever~
#June baby: Edmund, Thian, Shaun, Fahon and etc...

Office war had cooled down =) Thank God! Me and baby boy finally own a laptop together. We shared to buy one from my friend Larry. I can't recall what exactly had happened on July. Didn't blog that much though. Probably was still busy with my work and can't arrange my schedule well =)
#July baby: Shin Yin, Siong, Sharon Sim and etc...

Me MAMMA'S birthday~!~!~! Mamma I luuuB yOu~! This month, my dear baby boy left his workplace for a new job with better offer but of course, more responsibilities to take on. Gambateh baby! Muackz! But beforehead, we still went to attend a seminar together. Something about financing. Hehe =D Oh! I start to buy things online. Hehe =D Beijing Olympics was on too! And on 080808 I recalled we had a whole day of work. From 8am to 8pm. And the sales were crazy! Haha! It was also Kuching Festival month. And there's this night when I was there with baby boy, the whole of Kuching city went blackout! OMG! It was hours! The traffic was real bad that night. Hah! A month of ups and downs!
#August baby: Me mamma! Mei ee, Jimmy, Sze Sze and etc...

We celebrated our anniversary on a splurge at Rakutei's buffet lunch. It was also baby Elicia's birthday. Went to Imperial Duck for the first time. I too bought an organic drink from Melilea. Baby boy was very stressed over his new job. *hugs* A better month for me but not him.
#September baby: Aurelia, Anselm, Mr Kuang, Dawn, Siaw Wui, Sze How, Elicia and etc...

My favourite drama, Grey's Anatomy was on its last episode. Urgh! So missed it! And I'm back to dancing life babeh! Bought myself a DDR. Hehe =D Me and baby boy had our anni celebrated at Garden Hill. Although pricey but it's worth it! It's was Hari Raya too! Went to visit Kak Dee's and Sophyna's house. Then head over to Popwave with colleagues. Fun!!!
#October baby: Ing, Ms Chan, Ehren, Ken Lim, Arthur, Siaw Fern, Momi Alysha and etc...

Attended Rynn Lim's concert at SUPP Hall. Ticket's given by Jimmy. So hyper! Also, booked the tickets for us (us lah!) for our trips to Langkawi and KL on next year July. Weee~ Hyper again! BUT! My soft lil black bolero went missing at Star Cineplex. Sobs sobs!!! Had our anni celebrated this month at Momoyama. Not worth it! Rather go Sushi King. Oh and I found out that I'm having quite serious hair falls. So decided to purchase the shampoo to try out. Til now haven't really see any effect yet. Probably will get the vitamin ones sometime later. Expensive lah! Ah! Linda's sudden engagement! Had a fun day with darling and friends for the whole day! A very happening month! More fun of course!
#November baby: Darren koko, Uncle Fung Lei, Melvin Teo, Sis Judy and etc...

Busied myself with Chinese New Year clothes shopping. Hehe =) Finally made my last purchase on the 29th Dec. Am so ready for CNY now! Celebrated a great Christmas too! Went to Permai with family and friends. The most fun day ever with my baby boy. Muackz baby! Oh and I managed to see JJ Lin on concert~ Weee~~ What's more? Doulos was here! Am still here! Bought souvenirs from there. Christmas eve and Christmas, they're my favourite celebration of all~
#December baby: Yong Chuang, Li Lung, Hilary, Kia Sing, Ben Ho and etc...


To all my friends and families out there, it was a great time for Year 2008. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you guys most! Thank you for supporting and all sorts! And to my newly meets, really very nice and thank God that our paths actually crossed. It was great meeting you guys!

Year 2009 will be another year to come. So let's put our hands together and walk the waves away! Whatever the obstacles are, we can face it!

My new year resolution? ON NEXT!

xOxO & always loving you guys
Perpetua Angeline

Monday, December 29, 2008

1st Day of Christmas

On the 1st day of Christmas, my true love gave to me....


Hahahaha! We only passed by Damai Puri. Went to Camp Permai. Entry fee is still the same. RM5 for adults and RM2 for kids. Hehe =)Nice nice sign~~

All pictures were taken after we played the waves. Haha! How do we play the waves? The tide was huge! It was actually on danger sign for swimming. But we still head there~ Hehe =D Really had lotsa fun fun FUN! It's been quite some time since my last trip to the beach. Oh So Love the BEACH~~~~
These pictures were credit to baby boy~
He was the one who took my camera and snap around~
Nice right? His photography getting better!
Haha! Even the signboard he ain't letting it go.
We saw monkeys when we're resting after the fun. Bro took this pic. He went chasing the monkey around. Hahaha!
And lastly, the one and only scenery pic which is from ME! So kns!
Time for the pictures of us~ See us getting any darker yet?
Like sister like brother! Woot wOOt!!!
And did I forget to mention that Hellen and Kuet Phin was with us too? Haha! The Santa and his wife. Hahahaha! We had one angmo to help us take this pic. Hehe =D

After down from Permai, we all went to Saberkas for lunch. It was a really late lunch at 3.45pm. Haha! Then all were tired already. So we headed home to rest. I dozed off the minute I lied on my bed. Napped for 2hours and got up...


ONLINE LAH!!! What else! Hahahaha!

p/s: 25th December 2008 was the MOST-UBER fun day spent with my darling after 9months being together. Love u muchies darling~~~ Muahx Muahz!!!


Christmas Eve

So, how did you celebrated your Christmas Eve? =D As for me and my family, we had bbq steamboat. I borrowed the tool from Jimmy. (Told you he's a nice guy!) Mum bought all the foods. Baby boy was here with us too. He brought over some food and drinks.

I came home early that day. Off work at 6.30pm. Reached home and showered. Then waited for baby boy to come over and we readied the foods. Mum came home only after 7pm. Then we started cooking!
This was before the party started. Water was boiling inside dy. Mum bought lotsa food you see! Hehe =D

Three of us ate til so full. My bro was the one busy doing the bbq and throwing veges into the pot. Wonder why he loves cooking so much. Hmm...
And this was after the steamboat. We were so bloated. There's still prawns, noodles and some lean meats leftover.

Then, we helped the clean-ups. Baby boy was asking where is his pressie. Hehe =D So cute lah him! Muacks muacks you!
See how happy he was when he got it in his hand? Hahaha!

Now guess what I got him?










TADAH! The best gift I can always give!
Happy indeed! Hehehe =D


Friday, December 26, 2008

My Christmas gift~

Time to show off my Christmas gift this year. Hehe =D

Not in this post are presents from my mum and bro. Mum gave me 2 dresses for Chinese New Year and bro gave me a pair of stockings. Haha!
This handbag was from my darling~ Bought at Boulevard. My current handbag spoilt dy ler. But darling doesn't allow me to use yet boh. He said wait til CNY =(
This memory card is also from darling. It's for my camera. Used to use only 512mb nia. Now I've got 2gb! Muahahahaha!
This scarf was given by Kelly aka Miss Temperamentalism. Hahaha!
The golden steel pouch was from Hellen and the nail polish was from Pinky. While I gave each of them a belt. One black one white.
This cute lil igloo cake was from Kelly aka my colleague. I gave her a set of comb and she asked her bf to bake this for me. So nice of her!

What else you wana give me? Come come! I still can accept. Hahaha! Thank you all for the pres~~

p/s: Jimmy and Aurelia, I owe you two gifts. Will send to you guys ok~

Merry Christmas~~~~~


Thursday, December 25, 2008

MV Doulos~~

Last Sunday, went to visit Doulos the Floating Bookshop. It is now here after 7years. I heard that Doulos will not be operating anymore as they are gonna replace it. It's old dy lor. Hehe =) I remember went there once when I was little.
The weather was very cloudy that day. It rained and stopped and rained again. Was feeling hyper when reached. Haha!
Doulos here I come~~~
Nice leh~ Hehe =D
Took this onboard. It's as though we're sailing off. Haha!
The bookshop section~ So packed with people arh!!!
I saw this clock very nice. Love it much! But RM48 =( So I didn't get it. Wanted so much ler~
Bro and bf at the cashier counter. Paying for all the stuffs I got. Hehe =D My money lah!
View from above. Kuching really a lot of people hor. Haha!
I took this info frames too. They had a lot hanging all over the ship. Hehe =D
Lifeboats~ Yay~ Did saw it~
Catering services...Yum~
Oh! They also have this SALE section. Purchase 3books for RM20 (I think) and free a Doulos bag. Haha! Didn't buy anything there. Cos out of cash dy. Hahaha!
This is about the ship. Hehe =D
Bro and bf. Haha! Two lau ah pekz~ Photoshoot always stand like that nia. Hahaha! JK!
My bro bought a poster~
We each bought a keychain~
I got myself a book about Doulos~
And got my bro a Tshirt as his Christmas gift. He actually asked for it =.='''
But nice shirt lah. Hehe =)
Doulos is all about people~ Bringing knowledge, help and hope!
Bye bye Doulos~ Muackz! May God be with us all~!

p/s: anyone still wana go with me? Hahahahahaha!


One TJ

Last weekend, went out the whole day with my darling and bro. At first thought wana cut my hair but too bad the hair stylist was sick. So plan canceled. Headed over to bf's house. Stayed there awhile then we went to visit Kelly who is sick. Haha! Exchanged Christmas gift. Then me, bf and bro went to loiter around OneTJ. First time there...

OneTJ is an IT mall like Saberkas. All sorts of computer shops and handphone shops there. Hehe =DUpon reaching...The new concept of shopping mall. Surrounded by glass~ So nice ler~ Hehe =D
They had all the Christmas decorations up. Lots and lots of snowflakes around~
View from the top floor. Love this one!
Hehe =D Feel so kiddish~
This is the food court. We had our lunch there. It's located at the top floor of OneTJ.
The food court has this new way of serving. You gotta order your food at the stall, then you'll receive a code. Take this code to the drinks counter and pay there. Get the receipt and claim your food (-.-)''' So mafan!
Part of the interior...
Love this lighting. It'll change its color on time. Now it's blue.
Then it's purple then to red then to pink...
Then to yellow and to green...
Only RM11.30. Hehe =D I had the kampung fried rice. SUPERB! Memories back at St3. Hahaha! Later we went to Doulos the floating bookshop. Will post up later~