One TJ

Last weekend, went out the whole day with my darling and bro. At first thought wana cut my hair but too bad the hair stylist was sick. So plan canceled. Headed over to bf's house. Stayed there awhile then we went to visit Kelly who is sick. Haha! Exchanged Christmas gift. Then me, bf and bro went to loiter around OneTJ. First time there...

OneTJ is an IT mall like Saberkas. All sorts of computer shops and handphone shops there. Hehe =DUpon reaching...The new concept of shopping mall. Surrounded by glass~ So nice ler~ Hehe =D
They had all the Christmas decorations up. Lots and lots of snowflakes around~
View from the top floor. Love this one!
Hehe =D Feel so kiddish~
This is the food court. We had our lunch there. It's located at the top floor of OneTJ.
The food court has this new way of serving. You gotta order your food at the stall, then you'll receive a code. Take this code to the drinks counter and pay there. Get the receipt and claim your food (-.-)''' So mafan!
Part of the interior...
Love this lighting. It'll change its color on time. Now it's blue.
Then it's purple then to red then to pink...
Then to yellow and to green...
Only RM11.30. Hehe =D I had the kampung fried rice. SUPERB! Memories back at St3. Hahaha! Later we went to Doulos the floating bookshop. Will post up later~



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