1st Day of Christmas

On the 1st day of Christmas, my true love gave to me....


Hahahaha! We only passed by Damai Puri. Went to Camp Permai. Entry fee is still the same. RM5 for adults and RM2 for kids. Hehe =)Nice nice sign~~

All pictures were taken after we played the waves. Haha! How do we play the waves? The tide was huge! It was actually on danger sign for swimming. But we still head there~ Hehe =D Really had lotsa fun fun FUN! It's been quite some time since my last trip to the beach. Oh So Love the BEACH~~~~
These pictures were credit to baby boy~
He was the one who took my camera and snap around~
Nice right? His photography getting better!
Haha! Even the signboard he ain't letting it go.
We saw monkeys when we're resting after the fun. Bro took this pic. He went chasing the monkey around. Hahaha!
And lastly, the one and only scenery pic which is from ME! So kns!
Time for the pictures of us~ See us getting any darker yet?
Like sister like brother! Woot wOOt!!!
And did I forget to mention that Hellen and Kuet Phin was with us too? Haha! The Santa and his wife. Hahahaha! We had one angmo to help us take this pic. Hehe =D

After down from Permai, we all went to Saberkas for lunch. It was a really late lunch at 3.45pm. Haha! Then all were tired already. So we headed home to rest. I dozed off the minute I lied on my bed. Napped for 2hours and got up...


ONLINE LAH!!! What else! Hahahaha!

p/s: 25th December 2008 was the MOST-UBER fun day spent with my darling after 9months being together. Love u muchies darling~~~ Muahx Muahz!!!



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