My Christmas gift~

Time to show off my Christmas gift this year. Hehe =D

Not in this post are presents from my mum and bro. Mum gave me 2 dresses for Chinese New Year and bro gave me a pair of stockings. Haha!
This handbag was from my darling~ Bought at Boulevard. My current handbag spoilt dy ler. But darling doesn't allow me to use yet boh. He said wait til CNY =(
This memory card is also from darling. It's for my camera. Used to use only 512mb nia. Now I've got 2gb! Muahahahaha!
This scarf was given by Kelly aka Miss Temperamentalism. Hahaha!
The golden steel pouch was from Hellen and the nail polish was from Pinky. While I gave each of them a belt. One black one white.
This cute lil igloo cake was from Kelly aka my colleague. I gave her a set of comb and she asked her bf to bake this for me. So nice of her!

What else you wana give me? Come come! I still can accept. Hahaha! Thank you all for the pres~~

p/s: Jimmy and Aurelia, I owe you two gifts. Will send to you guys ok~

Merry Christmas~~~~~



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