MV Doulos~~

Last Sunday, went to visit Doulos the Floating Bookshop. It is now here after 7years. I heard that Doulos will not be operating anymore as they are gonna replace it. It's old dy lor. Hehe =) I remember went there once when I was little.
The weather was very cloudy that day. It rained and stopped and rained again. Was feeling hyper when reached. Haha!
Doulos here I come~~~
Nice leh~ Hehe =D
Took this onboard. It's as though we're sailing off. Haha!
The bookshop section~ So packed with people arh!!!
I saw this clock very nice. Love it much! But RM48 =( So I didn't get it. Wanted so much ler~
Bro and bf at the cashier counter. Paying for all the stuffs I got. Hehe =D My money lah!
View from above. Kuching really a lot of people hor. Haha!
I took this info frames too. They had a lot hanging all over the ship. Hehe =D
Lifeboats~ Yay~ Did saw it~
Catering services...Yum~
Oh! They also have this SALE section. Purchase 3books for RM20 (I think) and free a Doulos bag. Haha! Didn't buy anything there. Cos out of cash dy. Hahaha!
This is about the ship. Hehe =D
Bro and bf. Haha! Two lau ah pekz~ Photoshoot always stand like that nia. Hahaha! JK!
My bro bought a poster~
We each bought a keychain~
I got myself a book about Doulos~
And got my bro a Tshirt as his Christmas gift. He actually asked for it =.='''
But nice shirt lah. Hehe =)
Doulos is all about people~ Bringing knowledge, help and hope!
Bye bye Doulos~ Muackz! May God be with us all~!

p/s: anyone still wana go with me? Hahahahahaha!



ahlost said…
I haven't been there kok.. Can you believe that T__T

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