Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas, Coffee!

I'M BACKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

So sad that I only have 7 posts this month. Must post a few stuff within these few days. There's only 2 days left to 2011!!! Are you guys excited? Well I do wish that next year will come fast as I'm gonna finish off my studies and hopefully graduate on time with distinction!

I'll do a brief review on 2010 this weekend and then I shall start to edit those thousands photos from my trip to China, Macau and Hong Kong. It's overall an awesome trip because I went to Disneyland and Venetian City and of course, I miss my tour guides! =(

Alright so Christmas is over. How was your Christmas? Needless to say I had mine at Disneyland! Hehehe =D Don't jealous yea~ Blek!

Received lotsa present this year? I got my first Christmas present from my dear love just the next day after I touched down Kuching. Let's see......

Cute teddies wrapping paper!!! And darling wrapped it himself!!! He said wrap by self will be more meaningful. Awww.....He sure knows me well. Hehe =)

Oh hello brown bear with ribbon! WELCOME TO MY WORLD, COFFEE!!! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Yeap I name him Coffee since I already have a doggie name Cookie. Hehehe =D

THANK YOU DARLING!!! I will hug it to sleep every single night from now on. Huggssssss!!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

小朱 - 窗外

Friday, December 17, 2010

Cosmo World Theme Park

So...everyone is out there partying on a Friday while I'm sitting at home and blog. Now please say thank you cos I post new stuff for everyone to read throughout the weekend. Hahaha! Nyek! Friends all went to the Merry Guinness thing at Grand Margherita without me cos last minute invitation will never be an acceptance to me. Hehe =)

Here's my last post about my 3 days trip to KL. I know I know I know. Finally the last post cos I divided all the photos into I-don't-know-how-many-post. Blehhhh!

Our day at the Cosmo World Theme Park started at 9.50am which the mall wasn't even open yet =.= And the eff thing is that the theme park itself opens at 11am. Argh! One hour to waste. So we camwhored around!

Me and bro and my cousin. See the huge tree? Hehehe =D The lights were off that time =(

Another shot of me and bf. So dark lerrrr....

What to do in an hour besides camwhoring? Hahaha! Luckily the arcade was open early. So we head there and killed our time!

My favourite game in every arcade. Table hockey!!!! I don't know why I love it so much. Hehehe =) The other game that I like is the car racing. Kekekekek =P~

Bf shooting ducks. Hahahaha! We wanted to play this together but we didn't know have to insert token at both side. So I insert my side only and we had to play alone =(

But the game is so fun! Hahahaha! It reminds me of Mr Bean bathing with his favourite yellow ducky. LOL

Boys will be boys~ Oh shooting games are always their favourite!!!

And this two =.= They were whacking the sharks. Ish! I still prefer the old fashion type whereby the monsters pop out of the holes and you have to punch them down. Hehehehe =D

Cosmo World Theme Park here I come!!!!!!!!!!! Now you tell me that I don't dare to sit in that roller coaster =D

A shot to prove that I really was there. Hahahaha! Kiasunye!

I love this candid shot. Hehehehe =D I was looking at the map trying to find what's nice to play.

Queuing for tickets! Only 3 of us went in. Cos bf doesn't wana play. Hehehe =D So we dumped him to walk around. Kekeke

After 1 hour plus inside the theme park, we came out for lunch and met up with another cousin, Ing. Had McD for lunch then bro and cousin, Han went home first. Me and bf stayed to shop around with cousin Ing. =) Times Square stuff are damn cheap!!! Cheap til I do not dare to walk into any shops anymore because I will never walk out empty handed. Hahaha!

Ohhhh!!!! I FOUND NIKON CENTRE!!!!!! I WAS THERE!!!!!! Kua zhang betol =.=

Portraiture by pro photographers being displayed outside the centre.

Nikon Nikon Nikon!!!!! =D

Bf tried to play around with the cameras. Nice ahhh!!! Get to hold the new D7000 and the great D90!!! Argh I wana work there!!!! =P~

After all the shopping and walking around, two of us were a little hungry so we head over to Krispy Kreme since bf got the voucher for free donut. Hehehe =D

First time at Krispy Kreme!!!

This is how you make a donut o.O???

One strawberry donut and one Krispy Kreme original donut with a mug of tea. Perfect for tea break! I'll rate it rather sweet. Still prefer Big Apple but you might wana try the original donut. I think I like it =)

Total splurge? Ok only bought the vest for myself. Hahaha! Both the couple tee and lala shorts were paid by bf. Hehe =) Damn cheap! Couple tee only RM45! Vest only RM22.90!!!! I see at Kuching priced at RM39.90!!! =( and the lala shorts, is RM29!!! Damnit I wana fly KL for CNY shopping again next year! And I will only go Times Square!!!

Bought a souvenir from Cosmo World since it's the first time my bro sat on a roller coaster. Hehehe =D He was laughing all the way =.= And yes I was screaming like shit!

All the receipts!!! LOL

Ok since I'm gonna ask for an oven from Santa Claus this year then maybe I'll ask from Mr Lim instead.....

*Dear Mr Lim of Genting Highland, please come to Kuching and build me a theme park so that we won't need to fly to KL all the time. It doesn't have to be as big as Genting. Half the size will do. I only need a theme park here. Thank you!*

There you go. I hope he is able to receive it. Hehehehee =D

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas @ Times Square

HAPPY TUESDAY EVERYONE!!! Tonight am gonna escape dance class and stay home just to blog and pack my clothes for Hong Kong! Hey Mickey I'M COMING!!!!!

Ok enough of over-excitement. Hahaha! On my short trip to KL previous weekend, I only had one purpose in my mind, which was to go all the way from Damansara to Times Square cos I tell myself I MUST go to the Cosmo World!!!

It was I think 7 years ago since I last went. Dang I miss sitting in the roller coaster and all the other fun games!!! So I said to myself, I MUST GO!!! 

Woke up as early as 8am to get ready, took breakfast and still have time to camwhore around my aunty's house. Kekekekeke....

My aunty bought new BMW 325i!!!!!!! ZOMGGGGGGG!!!!!! I WANT ONE!!!!!!! *love love love!!!*

Yep yep yep! Aunty brought me, bf, bro and my cousin to Times Square in that little baby. Hehehehe

Here we are!!! Hello again Berjaya Times Square after 7 long years!!! But this time I'm here with different people. I miss the fun with Chee, Ing and Han =(( Can we go again please?

Ok time to let the photos do all the talking else I'll be crapping away~


Overlooking the ground floor. Nice nice nice? SURE NICE LAHHHH!!!!! Damn I felt like a lil kid running around the snow field~ Awwww.....

This is the largest Christmas tree in the mall just by the entrance. See how they put the roller coaster track around it to resemble their Cosmo World. Hehehe

A stage was set up for performance.

They set up alot of lil booths by name. This one with the hugeass diamond ring on top was Mrs Claus's Hut. Hehehehe =D Photo credits to bf.

Can I have all those presents??? =P~

I found an angel! She's so pretty wehh!!!! Smile til so sweet!!!

And I found a snowflake lady in bright blue lights!!!! I love her boots!!!!

Met up with cousin, Ing and we found Rudolph!!!! Yeahhh!!!

We found a rather cacated face punya snowman. Hahahahaha!!! See the shoes cute or not? Hehe =D

Hey dearie bf, can I have a present this big for this year's Christmas? Hehehehehe =DD

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Garden @ 1Utama

Boo!!! I just got back from an AWESOME performance by EarthDance at Hills Shopping Mall. Come to see me on stage again tomorrow at 6.30pm sharp! Hehehehe =D

Ok time to update my blog again. I've been busy practising last week that I totally had no time to even online =.= Pity my blog for having such busy and lazy owner. Hahaha!

Continue from where I stopped on previous post. I was at 1Utama on the first day at KL and arranged for meet up with 2 of my cousins who are now working and studying there. It had been ages since I last saw them!

So, we were walking around trying to spot a place to eat. A nice place with decent price. Not the RM50 per dish place. And we ended up at The Garden. Not The Garden hotel but its Garden restaurant. 

The main entrance. The wall was decorated nicely just like the name of the restaurant!

Flowers anyone? Hehehehe =) Hey they even sell their flowers which was put on decor! SERIOUS!

This section is consider the outer area. Have to walk abit far in to the so-called actual dining place.

Nice kan? Still uses the garden lamp post. And the tiles are so classy!!!

A grand piano by the entrance.

The menu. Even the menus are designed with grass. Hahaha!

The siblings that sms each other even they're sitting next to each other. Hahahahahaha! No la. I don't know what they're doing actually. Hehehe =D

Lime juice for my bf.

Ice lemon tea for Ricky.

And English tea for me! I love the tea set!!! Super pretty!!!!!

Promise to buy one for myself next time =P~ Christmas is near ohhhhhh~~

While waiting for our food to come, a guy from a table went to play some music. He's a great pianist!!! We were so entertained by the musics. Hehehehe =D

Ok time for food! memory failed on me. I forgot what is this. But it looks like black pepper chicken. Hahahaha!

This is my terriyaki chicken! Nice ahhh!!!!!

Alan ordered Garden cabonara, I think. Already 2 weeks bah~ My memory sucks! Should write down the whole menu next time.

Bf ordered seafood bolognaise spaghetti.

The awesome mussel that bf loves so much!

Total crash was RM109 for 4 dish and 3 drinks. I think it's not that bad because the portion was kinda big for me though. The drinks as you can see, are huge! Well, it's 1Utama so that's the 'reasonable' price lah.

A group photo is a must! Hehehehe =)

Til we meet again guys! Hugs!