Merry Christmas, Coffee!

I'M BACKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

So sad that I only have 7 posts this month. Must post a few stuff within these few days. There's only 2 days left to 2011!!! Are you guys excited? Well I do wish that next year will come fast as I'm gonna finish off my studies and hopefully graduate on time with distinction!

I'll do a brief review on 2010 this weekend and then I shall start to edit those thousands photos from my trip to China, Macau and Hong Kong. It's overall an awesome trip because I went to Disneyland and Venetian City and of course, I miss my tour guides! =(

Alright so Christmas is over. How was your Christmas? Needless to say I had mine at Disneyland! Hehehe =D Don't jealous yea~ Blek!

Received lotsa present this year? I got my first Christmas present from my dear love just the next day after I touched down Kuching. Let's see......

Cute teddies wrapping paper!!! And darling wrapped it himself!!! He said wrap by self will be more meaningful. Awww.....He sure knows me well. Hehe =)

Oh hello brown bear with ribbon! WELCOME TO MY WORLD, COFFEE!!! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Yeap I name him Coffee since I already have a doggie name Cookie. Hehehe =D

THANK YOU DARLING!!! I will hug it to sleep every single night from now on. Huggssssss!!!!


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