The Garden @ 1Utama

Boo!!! I just got back from an AWESOME performance by EarthDance at Hills Shopping Mall. Come to see me on stage again tomorrow at 6.30pm sharp! Hehehehe =D

Ok time to update my blog again. I've been busy practising last week that I totally had no time to even online =.= Pity my blog for having such busy and lazy owner. Hahaha!

Continue from where I stopped on previous post. I was at 1Utama on the first day at KL and arranged for meet up with 2 of my cousins who are now working and studying there. It had been ages since I last saw them!

So, we were walking around trying to spot a place to eat. A nice place with decent price. Not the RM50 per dish place. And we ended up at The Garden. Not The Garden hotel but its Garden restaurant. 

The main entrance. The wall was decorated nicely just like the name of the restaurant!

Flowers anyone? Hehehehe =) Hey they even sell their flowers which was put on decor! SERIOUS!

This section is consider the outer area. Have to walk abit far in to the so-called actual dining place.

Nice kan? Still uses the garden lamp post. And the tiles are so classy!!!

A grand piano by the entrance.

The menu. Even the menus are designed with grass. Hahaha!

The siblings that sms each other even they're sitting next to each other. Hahahahahaha! No la. I don't know what they're doing actually. Hehehe =D

Lime juice for my bf.

Ice lemon tea for Ricky.

And English tea for me! I love the tea set!!! Super pretty!!!!!

Promise to buy one for myself next time =P~ Christmas is near ohhhhhh~~

While waiting for our food to come, a guy from a table went to play some music. He's a great pianist!!! We were so entertained by the musics. Hehehehe =D

Ok time for food! memory failed on me. I forgot what is this. But it looks like black pepper chicken. Hahahaha!

This is my terriyaki chicken! Nice ahhh!!!!!

Alan ordered Garden cabonara, I think. Already 2 weeks bah~ My memory sucks! Should write down the whole menu next time.

Bf ordered seafood bolognaise spaghetti.

The awesome mussel that bf loves so much!

Total crash was RM109 for 4 dish and 3 drinks. I think it's not that bad because the portion was kinda big for me though. The drinks as you can see, are huge! Well, it's 1Utama so that's the 'reasonable' price lah.

A group photo is a must! Hehehehe =)

Til we meet again guys! Hugs!


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