Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Review

It's 12.52am right now and I'm gonna do some review for the whole of last year. Time definitely flies alot this time. Could it be ageing signs? Hahaha! I might miss out a few stuff since I didn't blog that much this year. Too busy with studies and work and games probably. Heeee~

*Organized my very first primary school reunion. Not all came but it was awesome max!!!
*Started LCCI Level 1 class. Fuh~

*Chinese New Year =)
*My great ex-colleague, Sze Sze finally got married!!!! Awwww......true blessings!
*Another simple reunion for primary schoolmates on the 5th day of CNY and it was again another blast!

*2nd year anniversary celebrated at Silhoutte
*The month I joined Sarawak Bloggers for good!
*My grandpa got into newspaper!!!!! Heeeee~
*Got my first birthday present from someone.....a Sony walkman!!!!
*Continue to collect more novels from Popular book fair

*And the biggest present I've got this year? To be announced as FEATURED BLOGGER OF THE MONTH BY SARAWAK BLOGGERS!!!!!
*Attended Pullman Grand Opening Gala Dinner
*Earth Hour falls on April too. Celebrated with few friends at Secret Garden
*Attended first event with Sarawak Bloggers - Thalgo Terre Mer launch
*The movie Ice Kacang Puppy Love was up and I met with Ah Niu and Ping Guan for the first time~
*Went to the dog show at Kenyalang. Also my first time. Hmm....
*And finally went to movie with friends! After ages!

*Got my belly pierced. *oops!* Heeee~
*Mothers' Day celebration and bro's birthday

*LCCI Level 1 examination. Huuuu~~~ BUT I PASSED WITH DISTINCTION!!!!
*Joined aeroplane chess competition with bf, bro and cousin!!! FUN!!!
*Photoshoot at Prince Vogue Bridal
*Attended my first paid event! The Celcom XPlay party!!! And I met Jun Fook for the first time there!!!
*Chester's homecoming dinner

*Footie gather at Premier 101. Go Germany! LOL
*The month when my dream came true......oh Dear Nikon D3000~ =D

*A very very sad old friend, Nancy passed away.....
*Yado cafe finally opens =)
*Of course, August means Kuching Day and that too means Kuching Festival =)
*Went to my first FREE FOOD session at Cafe Majestic
*My first Street Photography session with Sarawak Bloggers

*Laksa session with the bloggers
*Bf's friend, Annie got married and I drooled over the car. Not the food. Hahaha!
*My very first dance performance on Malaysia Day! AWESOME!!!!

*Another dance performance at Bridal Fair located at Pullman
*Oh Selamat....Hari Raya~~~ Ada rendang dekat rumah Fahriee~~~
*Surprise dinner by Choon Fung
*Went all the way up to Mount Singai with colleagues and friends

*Assigned as photographer at Yado. Heee~
*3 days trip to KL just to send bro over and had fun at Times Square which I now regretted cos I didn't shop! Argh!
*LCCI Level 2 examination. Huuuuuu~~~ Awaiting result =/

*Nothing big happened this month except.........I WENT TO CHINA, MACAU AND HONG KONG FOR 8 DAYS!!!!! Weeeeeeee~~~

Alright that's it. Tomorrow I'll post up my new year message. Getting dizzy now thanks to Rodz. Nights!

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KeeMan said...

What a good year Pep! :)

Take care and good night! Don't get high with the cake like Rodz. hehe