Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to 2011

Aloha everyone!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! How was your New Year's Eve celebration?? I had an awesome bbq party at my house with Sarawak Bloggers' peeps! DAMN NICE!!!! Friends whom I met for only months are seriously awesome! Yet to join us? Come along and click here =D

Alright alright. I know it's time for new year's resolution. I've been thinking so much about it. Wondering should I make a list of 10 or maybe only stay with a single one. Heeee~ Guess I'll still keep mine short and simple. Well, that's also because I think this year won't bring huge changes into my life except for one hopefully-in-time graduation =D I know it's only a Diploma level but hey! Look I'm graduating! Hahaha!

So........My year 2011 resolution......

# Study at my best and graduate on time with the title Diploma in Accounting!

EVERYONE PLEASE WISH ME LUCK! Because I MUST NOT fail a single subject and then resit. Why? Cos my title will be different if that happens. Ok choi touchwood! I'M NOT GONNA FAIL! I'M GONNA PASS WITH DISTINCTION!!!!!

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