My Dream Came True

Today marks a very historical day for me =D 25th of July Year 2010 is a new day for me to remember. Hehehe =DD


There comes in on how my title connects to this post.

I've been doing surveys for months. Saving up all that I can. Budgeting myself in everything I spend. Just so my dream can come true.

Yes. It is once again due to my 'kiasuness'. Partly because it's what I like to do. Partly also, it's because I promise myself I will travel more. Travelling means seeing the world. And I don't wana miss a single moment not being able to remember where I went, what I did, what I ate, what I bought and of course, who I went with.

So, I've finally settled myself down.

And I turned my direction towards Nikon =)

And today, this noon, I went over Copal at Jalan Kulas with my sweetness-overdozed boyfriend to bring home my new baby =DD

These are what I brought home. =DD I can't smile anymore because my mouth is already numb. Haha!!!

Yes I know it's ONLY a D3000. I downgraded myself from D90 to D5000 and now to D3000. Reason being my budget is very tight and I would prefer to spend more on the lens and the travels than on the body of a dslr. Hehe =) So yeah, I'm very vERy VERY SATISFIED!!!

Finally I have one in hand. Tonight can hug it to sleep. Hahaha~~


jfook said…
Awesome! Expecting quality photos liao lor!
aNgeL-cuPid said…
hahaha!!! need to learn first!!! =D
Darren said…
the body more important leh..

okay, u can practice on me. i need a photographer lol
aNgeL-cuPid said…
hahaha!!! all is important but lens are more important =) why do u need a photographer?
Waaa...congrats liao! Happy for how to use a dslr ah? I donno ley....

p/s: welkam to the nikon famili.
Norris said… jelez la like's photoshoot time!..
cyrildason said…
uhhh.. *jealous*
ahlost said…
wootz.. faster post up pics taken using your new babe liao :D

can't wait to see :)

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