YBKMM Excellent Brand Appreciation Charity Night'10

Dinner was held at Pullman Hotel on the 26th of June. I was there with bf and his family because his sister, Judy had been awarded. One for herself and one for Allunique.

Let the pictures do the talking.

My theme for myself: Vintage! Even dug out my new handbag to use. Hehe =) Wasn't plan on using it until my current ones spoil.

Also, I was assigned to be a cameraman's assistant and my job was to help carry his bag... =.='''

While he went around talking pictures of SO MANY pretty ladies..... =.='''''''

Menu of the night. There's a little gift for everyone. A small piece of marble cake by Maria Kek Lapis Sarawak.

Our table. 3 tables all under Allunique (EM) Sdn Bhd.

My favourite shot of the night! With little Elicia who is camera-shy. Hehe =)

Opening ceremony of the night by the YB and Dato and Datin.

Traditional dance performance took it off as the start and we "starvers" swallow down our food.

One of the trophy for Allunique.

#Exotic Four Hot & Cold Combination Platters

#Red Lady Roasted Chicken With Crispy Prawn Crackers

#Wok-Fry King Prawns With Butter Oat Lemongrass

A closer shot taken with Canon 50D. =) I got the opportunity to handle it while the cameraman was eating. Hehe~~

#Stir-Fried Broccoli Topped With Braised Shittake Mushroom

#Chilled Sweetened Fresh Honey Sea Coconut With Tropical Longan

Also, performance by ballet dancers. I find this quite entertaining. One of their dancers was one of my ex-schoolmate.

Pretty and delicate and soft. All the fragile term to be used on a lady =)

Cameraman with 2 of his nephews. Do they look alike? Hehe =)

And of course, never to forget yours truly~

Now that's how I paired up my clothes with my boots together with my bag =)

Again, how can I resist Canon 50D? =D Loving all the moments that night just cos I have it with me as the owner happens to be out of town. Haha!

Til then~



Eve! said…
U've got a nice dress!

Im loving it!
Norris said…
nice photos there...well 50D is always delighting..ehehee...i'm adding you to my bloglist..see ya..
aNgeL-cuPid said…
Eve: Hey there~~ Thanks!!! I love that dress too!! =D

Norris: Harlo~~ Yeah 50D is really nice to use!!! But of course everything comes with a good price. Hehe =)
ahlost said…
aiks.. how come you end up with Nikon? :D

Nice pics btw :)

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