Celcom Xplay Party

Last Friday night, the Celcom Xplay Party was being held at Paragon, Travilion. Many thanks to Adverlets and Xpax for inviting me to the party. As everyone had known, I don't go clubs so I was kinda lost at first trying to search for the place. Haha! How did I found it? It's so happening!!!! Even before the party starts, music was everywhere!!!

At registration counter, I was given this pass. Yes! I'm the VXP!!! What does VXP means??? Very Xplay Person? Haha! My friend, Elaine said it's Very Xtra-important person. Hahaha!!! Nice eh~~~

Celcom set up a wide booth full with all sorts of promotions. Blue bears were all over too!!!!

This is Silas Evenstarr!!!! He was walking around with the mic 'stalking' people with blue bears in hand.

And a friend was being caught!!! Bleh~~~ And he gave her the free drinks voucher!!! Nice kan? I also want blue bear!!!! But I got no Celcom number. How? Who wanna reload and give me the blue bear? Hahaha!

Snap snap.......

Celebrity Fahriee spotted on the purple carpet with his purple jacket!!! Nice combination!!

Ok I was there a little early. As the event said 9.30pm onwards. I'm always punctual. So yeah, I was there since 9.30pm. Doing nothing but the jobs of a paparazzi~~

And of course camwhoring!!!

Early means empty. Empty means opportunity!!! How can one ever miss a photo with a nice friend spotted on scene right? That's Elaine my dear friend. We were conquering the stage when no one was around yet. Hahaha! I personally love this photo alot apart from the backlight. Love us both the posers!!! Good one gurl~~

There. The overloaded sweet couple that got me felt like honey spilled all over me whole night. Hahaha!

*ahem!* A charming friendly guy spotted on stage. OoOoOooooo.......

When I say X! You say Pax! X! Pax! X! Pax!!!

People coming in to fill the ground floor. With the pass given, I got myself upstairs sitting comfortably on the couch. Miahahahaha!!!!

Nice reflection!!!!! It wasn't until 10.30pm that people start to fill the place and music gets louder and all the booze gets refilled. The party was about to start. =)

Camwhore time!!!!! With Eve the Dutches!!!!

And Irene of Sweet Surrender~~~

The crowd by 11pm. Fast eh? And as the battle of the DJs begin.....

Introducing DJ Monkey!!!!! Just look at the tattoos on his arms!!!! He even has a nose piercing!!! So cool!!!! And he's good looking too =P~

And this is DJ Funkzu all geared up! Ready for the battle~!

The music from both of them were GOOD!!!! How do they even define who wins? Hahaha! I can never be the judge for this =D

There was also another performance by this fantastic guy, Shawn Lee! He was super good at doing beatboxing! Seriously! I've never heard anyone doing beatboxing. Only stream them at YouTube. But the other night, I witnessed one with my own eye. I must say, he's seriously talented!!! Bravo dude!

YESH~!!!!!! Heineken means green! Green means fresh!!! Fresh means cooling!!! I only had one bottle lah. Kekekeke =P~ Better be safe =D

Camwhoring with the guys. Jimmy the drunken ones. He was already partly drunk in this photo. Hahaha! It's nice catching up with old pal. Misses~~~

And my first time meeting Kee Man!!! Yesh we rawk the world cup!!! Hahaha!!! We were both missing our football games. Huuu~~~

I left around 12.15am. I know it's early but I'm just not a 'clubbing leg'. Was kinda tired too. The party was awesome with all the nice music. Dang I wanted to go up stage when they were playing the song "Nobody". Hahaha!

Anyway, big thanks to Naomi for giving me this chance to 'see' the party-in-the-house world. Celcom Xplay definitely rock the whole of Kuching clubbers~~ Shall we have another round? Hehehe =D Next time I need to ask who has Celcom prepaid plans. So can drag them there to reload and I get to have the blue bear! Hahaha!

Til then~


KeeMan said…
Oh yeah! Nice post! And glad to meet you as well! :)
jimmychin said…
hhaha... i drank alot leh... Enjoy the party...
Eve! said…
O me Gosh! So fast u've updated.

Blue bear rocks! :P
It is weird though..when all the bachelors were there except Norman and Cyril. Usually will see them in this kind of event. Hehehehe..

And the event seems fun.
aNgeL-cuPid said…
Kee Man: Thanks~~ Looking forward to next meet up. Haha!

Jimmy: u siao eh~~~ hahaha!!!

Eve: LOL many had updated dy ah!!! so must not wait. Plus, weekdays will be super bz so must post now. hehe =D

Willie: huh? Cyril was there too! He was partying to hard downstairs with gf!!! Hahaha!!! Checkout his blog~~
yomi said…
great pics. =) glad you guys had fun!

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