Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge

HeYo everybody! I've got AWESOME news for you all! Something BIG is coming to pump the heart of Malaysia with music and whisky!!

Something bold.........................................

Something stylish...............................................

Something sophisticated..............................................

Something that keeps everyone alive..........................................


Yes! You are absolutely right! It's the ultra exclusive and highly anticipated party ever! And it's coming down to Kuala Lumpur on the 9th of April which happens to be MY BIRTHDAY!!!

The Black Circuit Lounge is the official race party of the Malaysian Grand Prix. The party will be brought to you by none other than Johnnie Walker, the award-winning world's number one Scotch whisky & global partner of Formula One team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes since 2005 because they both share the values of innovation, winning and leadership.

What's a party without a dj? Coming to you all the way from both coasts of USA, DJ Sophia Lin and DJ Enferno! They will not only rock the whole place but will make sure you Keep on Walking cos the night is forever young!

“What you have done to deserve the rewards of luxury and a successful lifestyle?”

As a young adult, I have yet to reach my goal of luxury and successful lifestyle. I'm still keeping up on my pace in both studies and work trying to focus on my one and only dream in life. Balancing these two major activities takes my party life away! And what's more? This party so happens to be on my birthday! The exact date! 9th of April!!! Now do I think I need to party? YES I DO! And in fact, I wish to have more passes just so I can bring my friends to celebrate my 23rd birthday over at this glamourous event!!! What am I without friends right? 

So my question to you:

Do YOU want to join ME at this cool and inspirational campaign, the ultimate Black Circuit Lounge and experience the lifestyle of Formula One?

Say yes and head on to Johnnie Walker Malaysia and LOVE the page!

Speaking of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. Just look at how they party! Hey maybe we should do the same! Heeee~ I would love to meet them! Will they be there? I don't know. You gotta check that out yourself~

Hope to see you all there! Remember! It's my birthday so let's party together the VVIP way!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Surprise Anniversary Gift

So! As it was our 3rd anniversary, I told bf that I do not want any gift from him but just an exquisite dinner which was supposedly to be at Garden Hill. 


I surprised bf with something on the actual day! =D All thanks to Joanne for helping me to deliver it over to bf's office and surprise surprise!!!

=D Why the face macam so tired like that? Hehehe =) Yep! Cupcakes!

Cuppy cuppy cupcakes!!! I told Jo to design it on her own and all she need to put is love and love and more love! She actually made 2 bears for me! Weeeeeeeee~~~

I ordered 8 vanilla and 8 chocolates cupcakes.

Happy 3rd Anniversary Darling~!

3rd Anniversary Dinner

Hello hello! I have yet to extinct! My blog is still alive apart from my lazy blogging. No wait I'm not lazy but I'm busy =D A better word to hear. Hehe =P~

I never thought that we would make it til this far. 3 years man! 3 long years! 3 full years! How life seems to be going so slow at first and now looking back at where we just started. It's wonderful. It's been really wonderful. Of course ups and downs happened. Which one doesn't right? =) It all depends on how the two of you are willing to sit down and work things out and then go on and on and on til the sea never touches the sand.

Anyway, I'm happy. I'm glad, I chose him. Yes I know I do brag alot about him everywhere but overall, he's the most loyal and has the best-husband-dad certificate! No one is perfect. I know I cannot find my perfect man but my current one is near to perfect =) Just need a little push here and there sometimes.

So, we went to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary over at a fine restaurant on the weekend before the actual day.

Mr Ho it is! I was craving for beef steak. Chose Garden Hills at first but they were closed for some private function. =( I shall go back there one day!

The place was full with people and we had to wait a few minutes before getting ourselves seated.

Nah! My loyal boy. He's not available anymore alright? So shoo off girls! =D

Lomo'ed the photo and the spoon somehow turned rusty =.=

My boy's favourite drink =)

An artsy photo thanks to me! Say thank you liaw! =D

I love how the way the bottle cap was pulled. Cool eh~ Should invent more of these onto the bottled beers!

Bf ordered some chicken chops with I-forgot-what sauce.

And mua lamb shank!!!!!! Mehhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Oh by the way, our anniversary date was at 1st March =) Don't question my late post cos I only got these photos last weekend =P

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fireworks @ Hong Kong Disneyland

I know this is much overdue but hey it's here now! It's the fireworks display on Christmas day at Hong Kong Disneyland! Sorry video not in HD cos I was using my lil digicam =)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

ST3P Family Visiting

Last year during Chinese New Year, I managed to organize 2 reunion dinner for my primary schoolmate. And soon after that, we all catch up for lunch, dinner and even supper once in awhile. It's really fun and lovely having all these friends back at side. We all got back together as a family now =)

This year I did not do any reunion dinner as I was informed that many will not be back for new year due to studies. So I organized a one-day visiting to everyone's houses. Not everyone lah but those who were free to welcome us. Hehehe =)

Journey started at about 10am and the meet-up point was at KFC Mjc Township. 

First house - Edmund's cave (Very very very deep inside so I shall name his house as a cave. LOL)

This was just the second time I went to his house. Luckily Andrew's friend stays nearby, else we will be lost =.=

First family portrait at Edmund's house which I adopted a son! =D If only lah I have a son this big already. So handsome somemore! =P~ The two ladies are Andrew's friends. Hmm....friends only??? =D

Second house - Ing Liang's nest (Little house with lotsa family members just like the bird's nest with lil birdie)

Second family portrait which Emily and Amelia joined us. Heeee~ Emily is just one hawt sexy momma!!! Oh and Ing Liang decided to stand at the corner cos he claimed that he looks fat sitting in front. Haha!

Next stop was for our lunch! Hungrehhhhhhh alreadyyyy!!!!!!

Third house - Joe's bar! (Who else but Joe to fill us with food and drown us with beer? Heeeeee~)

This time there's no more Heineken. He upgraded his standards and served us with red wine!!!! Me love!

Rabbit year and there's rabbit bin? How bout next year? Will I get to see a dragon bin instead? Hahaha! Cute!!!!

Third family portrait after the awesome lunch! Jason, Kim Teck and Mag joined for lunch =D Who doesn't want free lunch right? =P~

After lunch, we headed for a second round of lunch!!!!!

Fourth house - Amelia's crib

All thanks to Amelia's mom for cooking us awesome food!!! Yummehhhh!!!! Chinese New Year visiting is all about food nowadays and not angpows. Haha!

Edmund with Amelia's dog, Chiko!

She's such a cute dog!!! Also know how to pose for photo!!! Melia, you teach her that? Hahaha!

Fourth family portrait after the second round of lunch. Oh and that's Oliver! He's always in red shirt. Hmm...I wonder why. Eh bro, your closet all red color shirt only is it?

After thanking aunty for the lovely lunch, we headed to the fifth house!

Fifth house - Thalia's cubicle (Cos it's an apartment)

Thalia did not join us earlier cos she had to work. Poor girl had to work during 4th day of CNY. And when she got home, she text me immediately asking us to go over. Hahaha! It's great to know someone so eager to join us~ Love love!!

Ok that's Andrew making fun in photos. A very nice apartment indeed!!! Me loving apartment these days! Maybe I should get an apartment instead of a house =)

After we left Thalia's house, went over to Oliver's house where Edmund fell asleep on the couch! LOL And I dumbly forgot to take photo!!! We were too busy teasing him. Bahahahaha!

And lastly, they all came to my house~

A very great day! Although many did not make it to every house but I'm glad the few of us did and we're just happy! =) You know, spending time together with this bunch of crazy old friends, I feel so free around them. They're my brothers and sisters for life!!! And that's the reason why I name us ST3P Family =) Try figure that out. Heeee~

I shall come out with gatherings every now and then! Maybe once a month? What's your say? =) Leave me a comment guys and I shall come out with something~

Purple Wabbit New Year!!!

Bah it's March already and I'm here posting about Chinese New Year =.= Blame my busy schedule on that! 

So! It's the year of Rabbit and why do I call it purple? Purple rabbit? Definitely not that! And I'm sure you do not want a purple rabbit. Looks much like a poison rabbit kan? =P

It's not a very fun first day of CNY this year as many relatives were outstation. Left the very few to tease about =D

The 4 wabbits being punished! =P I hope they do not punish dragons next year. Heeeeee~ Btw, if they do, how to act like a dragon? Put on a tail and whiskers???

Here's why I called it a purple new year =) Us trio decided to go on the same color for the first day.

But what I did not know was one of us told her siblings to be in purple too!!!! We have more than just 3 purples!!!

The Spice Girls! LOL Just random thoughts lah. Don't know what other name can I go for us =.=

A group photo with cousins. I was playing with the new retro editing buttons on Photobucket and when I came across this one, I know I had to keep it this way! It looks so much like the photo we took back 20 years ago! I wonder what will my grandpa say if I were to develop this photo and give it to him. Heeee~

Oh and I did not realize that I actually picked out a purple shirt for my bro too!

The love of my life~ =D Forever and always loving you two!!!

Lunch time!!! The annual venue, my uncle's house. Cos my aunty always cooks awesome food!!!

Our annual photo. LOL This time we're better cos it's taken with a dslr and we have got tripod to help =D The photo is dark due to the very very low lighting =.=

Lalalalala~ The boyfriend of mine is learning how to snap portrait shots =D

And dinner at my house. That's Fung. A long time friend. A very amazing one!

End of Day 1.

Second day of CNY was a very very busy day!

Lunch was at Ing's house. The other lady was busy visiting and did not join us for lunch =(

Oh and that's their new house! Her brother just bought a new house for the parents. They used to stay at rented house and now that my cousin is working, he can afford to buy a house for the parents!!!! Good boy kan? =D

Yum! Just random food photo. I miss this curry!!!!

Left aunty's house and went to Aure's house for second round of lunch. After that, we went to Kelly's house together. And again, annual photos to be taken!

While Kelly was busy doing I-don't-know-what and Aure busy online, we two entertained ourselves sajalah!

The black lady versus the white lady! =D

And another white versus black. =.= 

This was what Kelly made for us. LOL

Left Kelly's place, then head to another Kelly's house. After that went to Mike's house and then Agnes's. Ohhh! I think we visited 8 houses just in one day! *faints!*

Third day was rather quiet. Only Jun Fook's house. Hey Fook, where's our photos?????

Lazy to write anything else on a cool Sunday morning. Bye!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tomorrows Leaders Summit

BOO! I've been trying to crack my head and think of an attractive post title but I just couldn't find any so I posted the lamest one of all =.= I know, you all are gonna ask me what is Tomorrows Leaders Summit. Sounds like a boring seminar by a boring company right? Or just non-stop talk about how you can be a leader *yawn!*

Let me introduce myself to you. I'm a Dragon and I'm also an Arian. So the word 'boring' is definitely OUT from my dictionary when it comes to event =D I for one, do not like to attend boring seminars. And do you? I think the many times when I sat still in seminars during school time was because I was with my mp3 player plugged into my ears. HAHA! Ok lucky I left school already =P

Alright I'm suppose to do the introduction for Tomorrows Leaders Summit and not myself =D

Erm....actually I do not know what is it about =.= Why am I writing this then if I do not know anything about it? 


Yes I'm bribing for the free passes from Sarawak Bloggers =P Tell me what do you see from the poster above? =)

Tell me that you DID see Amber Chia from the above poster =D

Now I tell you my reason for wanting to know and go to Tomorrows Leaders Summit 2011. IT'S COS I WANT TO SEE AMBER CHIA!!!!!! I love her! Oops sounds wrong but YES I look up to her!

Ok ok I admit. Modeling was ONCE my dream career. And Amber Chia is just there to inspire me more! She's so tall and beautiful and so successful in her career and now she's a wonderful mother of baby Ashton! She has got her own style, her own natural beauty and her best attitude! *salute!*

Tell me that she is not pretty and I'll block you from my blog. LOL

Hmm.....and she's HAWT too!!!!! =P~

I only have one wish now. And I need one luck. I hope she spots me on the day and then take me as her student =D Yes that's my wish now. So please WISH me LUCK! And do dare me to ask her that question! =P

I better go and prepare my script of what to say and ask when I meet her. Bye!

Oh oh wait wait!!! Please join us at Sarawak Bloggers if YOU want to join ME to meet up with AMBER CHIA!!!