Purple Wabbit New Year!!!

Bah it's March already and I'm here posting about Chinese New Year =.= Blame my busy schedule on that! 

So! It's the year of Rabbit and why do I call it purple? Purple rabbit? Definitely not that! And I'm sure you do not want a purple rabbit. Looks much like a poison rabbit kan? =P

It's not a very fun first day of CNY this year as many relatives were outstation. Left the very few to tease about =D

The 4 wabbits being punished! =P I hope they do not punish dragons next year. Heeeeee~ Btw, if they do, how to act like a dragon? Put on a tail and whiskers???

Here's why I called it a purple new year =) Us trio decided to go on the same color for the first day.

But what I did not know was one of us told her siblings to be in purple too!!!! We have more than just 3 purples!!!

The Spice Girls! LOL Just random thoughts lah. Don't know what other name can I go for us =.=

A group photo with cousins. I was playing with the new retro editing buttons on Photobucket and when I came across this one, I know I had to keep it this way! It looks so much like the photo we took back 20 years ago! I wonder what will my grandpa say if I were to develop this photo and give it to him. Heeee~

Oh and I did not realize that I actually picked out a purple shirt for my bro too!

The love of my life~ =D Forever and always loving you two!!!

Lunch time!!! The annual venue, my uncle's house. Cos my aunty always cooks awesome food!!!

Our annual photo. LOL This time we're better cos it's taken with a dslr and we have got tripod to help =D The photo is dark due to the very very low lighting =.=

Lalalalala~ The boyfriend of mine is learning how to snap portrait shots =D

And dinner at my house. That's Fung. A long time friend. A very amazing one!

End of Day 1.

Second day of CNY was a very very busy day!

Lunch was at Ing's house. The other lady was busy visiting and did not join us for lunch =(

Oh and that's their new house! Her brother just bought a new house for the parents. They used to stay at rented house and now that my cousin is working, he can afford to buy a house for the parents!!!! Good boy kan? =D

Yum! Just random food photo. I miss this curry!!!!

Left aunty's house and went to Aure's house for second round of lunch. After that, we went to Kelly's house together. And again, annual photos to be taken!

While Kelly was busy doing I-don't-know-what and Aure busy online, we two entertained ourselves sajalah!

The black lady versus the white lady! =D

And another white versus black. =.= 

This was what Kelly made for us. LOL

Left Kelly's place, then head to another Kelly's house. After that went to Mike's house and then Agnes's. Ohhh! I think we visited 8 houses just in one day! *faints!*

Third day was rather quiet. Only Jun Fook's house. Hey Fook, where's our photos?????

Lazy to write anything else on a cool Sunday morning. Bye!


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