ST3P Family Visiting

Last year during Chinese New Year, I managed to organize 2 reunion dinner for my primary schoolmate. And soon after that, we all catch up for lunch, dinner and even supper once in awhile. It's really fun and lovely having all these friends back at side. We all got back together as a family now =)

This year I did not do any reunion dinner as I was informed that many will not be back for new year due to studies. So I organized a one-day visiting to everyone's houses. Not everyone lah but those who were free to welcome us. Hehehe =)

Journey started at about 10am and the meet-up point was at KFC Mjc Township. 

First house - Edmund's cave (Very very very deep inside so I shall name his house as a cave. LOL)

This was just the second time I went to his house. Luckily Andrew's friend stays nearby, else we will be lost =.=

First family portrait at Edmund's house which I adopted a son! =D If only lah I have a son this big already. So handsome somemore! =P~ The two ladies are Andrew's friends. Hmm....friends only??? =D

Second house - Ing Liang's nest (Little house with lotsa family members just like the bird's nest with lil birdie)

Second family portrait which Emily and Amelia joined us. Heeee~ Emily is just one hawt sexy momma!!! Oh and Ing Liang decided to stand at the corner cos he claimed that he looks fat sitting in front. Haha!

Next stop was for our lunch! Hungrehhhhhhh alreadyyyy!!!!!!

Third house - Joe's bar! (Who else but Joe to fill us with food and drown us with beer? Heeeeee~)

This time there's no more Heineken. He upgraded his standards and served us with red wine!!!! Me love!

Rabbit year and there's rabbit bin? How bout next year? Will I get to see a dragon bin instead? Hahaha! Cute!!!!

Third family portrait after the awesome lunch! Jason, Kim Teck and Mag joined for lunch =D Who doesn't want free lunch right? =P~

After lunch, we headed for a second round of lunch!!!!!

Fourth house - Amelia's crib

All thanks to Amelia's mom for cooking us awesome food!!! Yummehhhh!!!! Chinese New Year visiting is all about food nowadays and not angpows. Haha!

Edmund with Amelia's dog, Chiko!

She's such a cute dog!!! Also know how to pose for photo!!! Melia, you teach her that? Hahaha!

Fourth family portrait after the second round of lunch. Oh and that's Oliver! He's always in red shirt. Hmm...I wonder why. Eh bro, your closet all red color shirt only is it?

After thanking aunty for the lovely lunch, we headed to the fifth house!

Fifth house - Thalia's cubicle (Cos it's an apartment)

Thalia did not join us earlier cos she had to work. Poor girl had to work during 4th day of CNY. And when she got home, she text me immediately asking us to go over. Hahaha! It's great to know someone so eager to join us~ Love love!!

Ok that's Andrew making fun in photos. A very nice apartment indeed!!! Me loving apartment these days! Maybe I should get an apartment instead of a house =)

After we left Thalia's house, went over to Oliver's house where Edmund fell asleep on the couch! LOL And I dumbly forgot to take photo!!! We were too busy teasing him. Bahahahaha!

And lastly, they all came to my house~

A very great day! Although many did not make it to every house but I'm glad the few of us did and we're just happy! =) You know, spending time together with this bunch of crazy old friends, I feel so free around them. They're my brothers and sisters for life!!! And that's the reason why I name us ST3P Family =) Try figure that out. Heeee~

I shall come out with gatherings every now and then! Maybe once a month? What's your say? =) Leave me a comment guys and I shall come out with something~


avangelice_88 said…
I am very touched by the photos. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Family is forever.
Eve said…
every month gathering?? good good...
emerlyn said…
IT's a nice pic... Too bad i have to work that whole chinese new year... Will join again for the next any reunion.

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