3rd Anniversary Dinner

Hello hello! I have yet to extinct! My blog is still alive apart from my lazy blogging. No wait I'm not lazy but I'm busy =D A better word to hear. Hehe =P~

I never thought that we would make it til this far. 3 years man! 3 long years! 3 full years! How life seems to be going so slow at first and now looking back at where we just started. It's wonderful. It's been really wonderful. Of course ups and downs happened. Which one doesn't right? =) It all depends on how the two of you are willing to sit down and work things out and then go on and on and on til the sea never touches the sand.

Anyway, I'm happy. I'm glad, I chose him. Yes I know I do brag alot about him everywhere but overall, he's the most loyal and has the best-husband-dad certificate! No one is perfect. I know I cannot find my perfect man but my current one is near to perfect =) Just need a little push here and there sometimes.

So, we went to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary over at a fine restaurant on the weekend before the actual day.

Mr Ho it is! I was craving for beef steak. Chose Garden Hills at first but they were closed for some private function. =( I shall go back there one day!

The place was full with people and we had to wait a few minutes before getting ourselves seated.

Nah! My loyal boy. He's not available anymore alright? So shoo off girls! =D

Lomo'ed the photo and the spoon somehow turned rusty =.=

My boy's favourite drink =)

An artsy photo thanks to me! Say thank you liaw! =D

I love how the way the bottle cap was pulled. Cool eh~ Should invent more of these onto the bottled beers!

Bf ordered some chicken chops with I-forgot-what sauce.

And mua lamb shank!!!!!! Mehhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Oh by the way, our anniversary date was at 1st March =) Don't question my late post cos I only got these photos last weekend =P


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