Saturday, May 28, 2011

Statement of Cash Flow

Statement of Cash Flow for the year ended...........
Cash flows from Operating Activities                                                   $                     $
Profit for the year (Add: Debenture interest)                                                               x
Add: Interest paid (From income statement)                                                               x
Less: Interest received                                                                                             (x)
Operating Profit                                                                                                        x
Add: Depreciation of Non-Current Assets                                                                    x
         Loss on disposal of Non-Current Assets                                                              x
Add: Increase in Payables                                                                                           x
Less: Increase in Inventory                                                                                        (x)
         Increase in Receivables                                                                                    (x)
Cash generated from operations                                                                                 x
Less: Interest paid (Cash/Debenture interest)                                                            (x)
Net cash flows from operating activities                                                                     xx

Cash flows from Investing Activities
Sales proceed from sale of Non-Current Assets                                    x
Interest received                                                                               x
Dividend received                                                                              x
Less: Cash paid for Non-Current Assets                                             (x)
Net cash flows from investing activities                                                                       xx

Cash flows from Financing Activities
Proceeds from issue of shares                                                             x
Proceeds from long term borrowings (Debentures)                                x
Less: Repayment of loans                                                                  (x)
         Dividend paid                                                                           (x)
Net cash flows from financing activities                                                                       xx
Net increase in cash or cash equivalent                                                                        xx
Add: Cash or cash equivalent b/d                                                                                 xx
Cash or cash equivalent c/d                                                                                        xxx

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

How did you celebrate your Mothers Day last night? 

This year we didn't go out for dinner, no present was given too. Me and bro decided to cook dinner for mom. Hehe =D 

We chose the easiest of course! Making a pizza is super easy! Just cut everything into small pieces and then throw them all on top of the crust! =D And then design it with chocolates! Yum!

When momma is happy, we all happy!

Happy Mothers Day Mummy!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hot Air Balloon in Kuching

Yeap! You read it right. There's actually a hot air balloon ride in Kuching! I'm sure everyone had read about the hot air balloon ride in Putrajaya which was so beautiful! If you haven't, go here. It looks all so beautiful and then the ride was just RM10 each!!! 

So what do I do when I heard there's a hot air balloon ride available in Kuching? I wouldn't wanna miss it! Where was it? Flipflops Beach Carnival lahhhh!!!! Where else? =D

I woke up at 6.15am sharp the next morning although I only manage to sleep after 3am due to the blasting music from the rave party =.= I had to wake up that early just to catch the hot air balloon ride! Because the organizer set the ride to be at 7am to 10am. So I thought going over for the ride first then I'll head over for my breakfast buffet.

I was walking with my sleepy eyes until I saw this. Well it really did open up my eyes. Not because it's worth the ooohhhh-ing and the aaaahhhh-ing. Not because many people was there. And definitely not because of the location. Well maybe the location did open up my eyes.

Who the heck will actually thought of having the hot air balloon ride at a carpark???!!! FGS of all place! A carpark! What can I see from up there? Only what I see everyday lor. Trees and hills and more trees =.= And this ride actually cost RM30 PER PAX!!! FTS!!! I surely did not wake up just for this thing.

Well but Mike did. He woke up damn early which only God and him knows what time and drove all the way up to Damai just to ride this hot air balloon =.=''' He went up with Sherrie. I on the other hand, decided that it's not worth it. Maybe just worth a few snaps and then I'm off to the beach.

Seriously, the management should re-organize this hot air balloon ride with a proper revamp! I hope there's better ones next year. I don't wanna see this again!

We took a morning stroll along the beach. It's breezy! Me love! And warm warm sea water swoosh over your feet from time to time. How I wish I was in my proper attire to jump into the water!!!

I love morning stroll by the beach =)

Next, me and bf went for our buffet breakfast. Nothing much to choose from. Eggs, sausages, porridges, breads. There's only one thing that I always look for when I go to a buffet breakfast: Cereal!!! 

I don't know why but I have this forever-love thing with cereals! I can have cereals as my sole meal for the whole day! It can replace popcorn when I'm watching movie too! =D I just love cereal that much =P

The rest in the room? They had kolo mee being specially delivered by Mag! So awesome can? =D The room was full of kolo mee aroma when I went back to shower. Ho ho ho!!!

We checked out by 12pm cos we're all hungry already! And where else but McDonald's to satisfy us? =) McD is a huge love!

This party is not about the carnival neither is the rave party, but it's about the fun that I had in our room =) It's worth every cents I've paid! I really hope my bf enjoyed this birthday bash because you know, liquor is just isn't his type of drinks =D

*Life is short, live it like there's no tomorrow and party like there's no limit!*

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Birthday Flip!

Earlier in March, I had a huge project going on. Was keeping it so secretive that I only dare to post it onto Twitter and inbox my friends in Facebook. I even had to zip everyone's mouth! =P Who was I keeping it from? No one else but my dear boyfriend. Hehehe =P

What was I planning? His birthday of course! I want him to have a different celebration this year. Well, the main reason was of course his age. *not revealing* He looks forever 21. HAHA!

You know it's not easy to get 15 people to co-operate with you just for one big night and it must be a hit because it's his BIG DAY! But thank you so much to all that were involved, thanks for keeping the huge secret. Hehe =D You guys are AWESOME!

So, what happened? =D

I called up the organizer, enquire about all the ups and downs and ins and outs of the event! Even tweeted to them! Twitter is awesome cos everyone is on it! =)

After one week of drafting my budget plan, I hit the ATM machine *kaching!* and off we went to the Flipflops Beach Carnival 2011!!!

I took the package that included the room, rave party tickets and the breakfast-dinner buffet for two! Next was to call up whoever that can join us that night so we can party all night long!

Everything was set and done! When the day came, I had to make 'white lies' just to trick bf out for breakfast. HAHA! He was already suspecting something though. Hehe =) What can I do, the event was just too widely posted on Facebook. I even told him I didn't wana go when he first asked me =.= Sorry darling~ It's for the sake of making the night fun!

The fun did arrive! In bottled packaging =D My initial target for the night: To make my bf drunk. But I'm such lousy gf that I failed =.=

Birthday cake! Another friend of mine, Benny's birthday falls on the same day as my bf. So we celebrated altogether! Yup~ They're only 1 year old each =P

Cake-cutting ceremony!

The noon was slow. Everyone lazed inside the room because the weather was just way too hot to stay out. Plus, there's nothing much to see. So we decided to chat and eat snacks and nap the noon away.

Until the sun sets! Then we headed out to the beach and the pool! No photos cos I don't wana risk my dslr while I'm playing with water! =P Not a good risk to take!

After the water session, our tummies started to hit the drums! *drumrolls!* It's time for dinner!!! Since the dinner buffet is only for two, so of course we two went for it. Yum yum! A wide selection of local food plus pasta too! Buffet is always satisfying!!!

The rest didn't prepare dinner because initially they wanted to go Buntal for seafood dinner but they're afraid that parking space might be all occupied when they came back.

So what did they eat? Chicken rice! They called for Singapore Chicken Rice Delivery a.k.a. Mr Jonathan Goh! =D Joe and Mund had to come up only after 8pm because they're both working on that day. They delivered us with chicken rice and char kueh for supper! Slurps!!!

And when the moon came out, the party people all crawled out!!! It was raining so heavily that me and bf decided not to go to the party since we can watch it from our balcony! The stage was just right in front of our room!!! It was so muddy at the grass! Yuck!

We partied clean from our balcony. Ho ho ho!!!

But later when the party got boring, we party elsewhere!

We brought our cups to the lobby and partied there! =D The gents!

And 4 ladies! WootZ!!!!

A ST3P family portrait! I shall develop this one! You guys are damn awesome for making the party a success!!!

This was what happened after everyone finished off my bottle of Vodka. Hehehehe =D The night is still young!!!

With this bunch of crazy people, I'm sure everyone had fun! Again, thanks guys!!!

Happy Birthday Darling!

*I hope you enjoyed your birthday party =) Love you~

Monday, May 2, 2011

Flipflops Beach Carnival 2011

Back on 16th April 2011, I was taken away to a secluded island mesmerized by the beautiful scenery and breezy winds and sands and waves...........

The beach always takes my breathe away no matter how hot the weather is...........I just love the cool wind blowing towards my face and the warm sands between my toes..........

Why was I there?

What else but the most awesome exciting fun and never-to-be-missed Flipflops Beach Carnival!!! Finally someone is doing something fun at the beach of Kuching!

I was there at 12pm sharp! I know I couldn't check into my room that early but who cares! I don't wanna miss out any fun activities that's going on at the beach!!!

Buggy ride!!! But then again, the price for each of the rides are damn expensive! That's the sole reason why I didn't take any of those rides. How I wish the price can be decreased by half. Next year perhaps? =)

Banana boats, bullet rides, speed boat, kayak and whatever it is that you want are all available there! 

There's about 10 booths selling all sorts of food and drinks, airbrush tattoo and beach toys, and of course, who can ever miss out the cold slurping ice cream on a hot hOt HOT weather! =D On second thought, I wish there's more booths being set up. Maybe to sell, the carnival's souvenir in way of t-shirt o flipflop? Or more party stuffs for the night? And of course, more food and drinks stall!!!

This was the stage being used by Della Ding Dang when she was there on 15th April, the night before I went. It's also the stage for the rave party!!!

Kites!!! I heard the man putting up this kite is quite famous for the long kite. =)

Awwww............Don't you miss playing those bubble guns? Heeeeeee~ I WANT ONE TOO!!!

Now this is part of the carnival's activity. The sausage bun eating competition! There's ice-cream eating competition too. But I missed that out =( 

Well, my overall opinion for this carnival is that maybe it's a little too quiet. I expect more youngsters and that the place is gonna be jam packed but well, I was wrong. I think probably most of them went the day before to catch the concert instead of on Saturday. On another note, I was kinda disappointed with the rave party. Will tell you on my next post. 

Anyway, I hope the management can improve on this carnival next year. More games probably? And yes, please lower the price per ride =) See ya~

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Book of Tomorrow


Tell me that you do not love gifts! =P~

Last night I came home early after dinner cos I was so tired. I do not know why this week I felt so darn tired every single night! I can doze off right after I went onto my bed! Pig!

Anyway, came online to do finish off my blog post for April and of course, webcam with my bf. Then he tagged me in 3 photos on Facebook. I went to click on it and my expression goes 'O.O!!!!' He actually bought me the book that I've wanted ever since it's published!

This was one of the photos that I got tagged in. And then the moment came....

*In MSN*
Bf: Do you like treasure hunt?
Me: Yeah why?
Bf: Then go for it!
Me: Huh?
Bf: Go lah!
Me: What thing?
Bf: Amazing race!
Me: Har???
Bf: =.= Go go go!
Me: What? The book is in my room???
Bf: Amazing race didn't give people hint one lah
Me: =.= Haiyo how to find like that =(

Then the first thing I did was flipped up my pillow and TADAH! It's just beneath my pillow! =P

Today marks our 3 years and 2 months together and there's the gift~ =) Thank you darling~

I like the way he took the photo. With the UBAH bird and the book title "The Book of Tomorrow". Doesn't they link? HAHA!

Ok chao~ Time for my cuppa coffee and book reading session~