Hot Air Balloon in Kuching

Yeap! You read it right. There's actually a hot air balloon ride in Kuching! I'm sure everyone had read about the hot air balloon ride in Putrajaya which was so beautiful! If you haven't, go here. It looks all so beautiful and then the ride was just RM10 each!!! 

So what do I do when I heard there's a hot air balloon ride available in Kuching? I wouldn't wanna miss it! Where was it? Flipflops Beach Carnival lahhhh!!!! Where else? =D

I woke up at 6.15am sharp the next morning although I only manage to sleep after 3am due to the blasting music from the rave party =.= I had to wake up that early just to catch the hot air balloon ride! Because the organizer set the ride to be at 7am to 10am. So I thought going over for the ride first then I'll head over for my breakfast buffet.

I was walking with my sleepy eyes until I saw this. Well it really did open up my eyes. Not because it's worth the ooohhhh-ing and the aaaahhhh-ing. Not because many people was there. And definitely not because of the location. Well maybe the location did open up my eyes.

Who the heck will actually thought of having the hot air balloon ride at a carpark???!!! FGS of all place! A carpark! What can I see from up there? Only what I see everyday lor. Trees and hills and more trees =.= And this ride actually cost RM30 PER PAX!!! FTS!!! I surely did not wake up just for this thing.

Well but Mike did. He woke up damn early which only God and him knows what time and drove all the way up to Damai just to ride this hot air balloon =.=''' He went up with Sherrie. I on the other hand, decided that it's not worth it. Maybe just worth a few snaps and then I'm off to the beach.

Seriously, the management should re-organize this hot air balloon ride with a proper revamp! I hope there's better ones next year. I don't wanna see this again!

We took a morning stroll along the beach. It's breezy! Me love! And warm warm sea water swoosh over your feet from time to time. How I wish I was in my proper attire to jump into the water!!!

I love morning stroll by the beach =)

Next, me and bf went for our buffet breakfast. Nothing much to choose from. Eggs, sausages, porridges, breads. There's only one thing that I always look for when I go to a buffet breakfast: Cereal!!! 

I don't know why but I have this forever-love thing with cereals! I can have cereals as my sole meal for the whole day! It can replace popcorn when I'm watching movie too! =D I just love cereal that much =P

The rest in the room? They had kolo mee being specially delivered by Mag! So awesome can? =D The room was full of kolo mee aroma when I went back to shower. Ho ho ho!!!

We checked out by 12pm cos we're all hungry already! And where else but McDonald's to satisfy us? =) McD is a huge love!

This party is not about the carnival neither is the rave party, but it's about the fun that I had in our room =) It's worth every cents I've paid! I really hope my bf enjoyed this birthday bash because you know, liquor is just isn't his type of drinks =D

*Life is short, live it like there's no tomorrow and party like there's no limit!*


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