The Book of Tomorrow


Tell me that you do not love gifts! =P~

Last night I came home early after dinner cos I was so tired. I do not know why this week I felt so darn tired every single night! I can doze off right after I went onto my bed! Pig!

Anyway, came online to do finish off my blog post for April and of course, webcam with my bf. Then he tagged me in 3 photos on Facebook. I went to click on it and my expression goes 'O.O!!!!' He actually bought me the book that I've wanted ever since it's published!

This was one of the photos that I got tagged in. And then the moment came....

*In MSN*
Bf: Do you like treasure hunt?
Me: Yeah why?
Bf: Then go for it!
Me: Huh?
Bf: Go lah!
Me: What thing?
Bf: Amazing race!
Me: Har???
Bf: =.= Go go go!
Me: What? The book is in my room???
Bf: Amazing race didn't give people hint one lah
Me: =.= Haiyo how to find like that =(

Then the first thing I did was flipped up my pillow and TADAH! It's just beneath my pillow! =P

Today marks our 3 years and 2 months together and there's the gift~ =) Thank you darling~

I like the way he took the photo. With the UBAH bird and the book title "The Book of Tomorrow". Doesn't they link? HAHA!

Ok chao~ Time for my cuppa coffee and book reading session~


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