Nokia 5300

Today I went to saberkas with my cousins. I wanted to look for a new hp. My 6610 will 'kong' anytime. Haha! I picked both my cousins and be driver. Hehe =)

There's a karaoke competition being held at saberkas today. It's kinda loud so it's hard for us to talk. Haha! Some of them didn't sang well but some was kinda nice. Especially the one who sang the song 'wang qing shui' (forget love water) paisehz! Direct translation. Haha!

Anyway, we went to ask each shops and stalls about hp price. I'm thinking of getting either a Nokia 5300 or Nokia 6280. But too bad...Nokia 6280 is kinda expensive. It cost around RM700-800. Where as Nokia 5300 the most expensive we see was RM670. It's in my budget though.

Of course we're not only there to look at hp. We wana look for present to give our cousin Shin Yin as she's gonna leave us for chinese medical studies at China *sob sob* It's sad ler. We thought of giving her a photoframe filled with photos we took during our trip to KL last Dec. Didn't found any. Hahaz! 3 choosy girls shopping? The result will be nothing. =P

Ing wanted to buy facial cleanser and I wanted to look for either eyeliner pencil or foundation. But then again, too choosy. Ended up with nothing again. Hahaz! Oh yeah! I did manage to buy an eyeliner pencil. *satisfied*

We shop around SOS, Ngiukee, Guardian Pharmacy, boutiques and gift shops. I've been wanting to buy another pair of boots. But nothing suits my taste. Last night went over LEA Centre at Swak Plaza, thought can buy but don't have my size *sob sob* Was sOoOo disappointed *sigh* Now all I can do is just either wait for LEA's new stock or Vincci's boots or SOS sale.

I really can't go shopping man! I see everything I wana buy. Haha! I have a list of stuff to buy. Mmm...will rewrite my shopping list and post up. Let's see in the next few months what will I buy. Haha!

At the end of the day = time to pick bro from tuition. We talked in car. Ing and Chee both said Nokia 5300 suits me. As in it's red, nice to hold, small cute and cuddly! Did I just say cuddly? Ahhh..sure huggable! Hehe =) decision *drumroll!!!* Nokia 5300 is it!!! I'm coming for you~~~~ (but gotta wait til I get my salary on Monday. hehe..)


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