Top Ten~

Ok. I know the title sounds nothing to do with my blog. Hahaz! Anyway, it's like this. Last night I hand itchy go Joanne's blog and click to her friends' link. Went to this guy name Selm's blog. Got tagged! So here's the tag...

Look through your messenger and see what your friends are having in their life right now. Copy and paste their messages. Hehe =)

1)Ben - It is not enough to be at the right place at the right time. U have to be the right person to be at the right place at the right time.

2)Brian - money doesn't buy happiness but it can damn well keep you from being really unhappy

3)Darren Ko - I Hypermax. Do you?

4)Fahon - zhu da jia wan fu (wish everyone happy)

5)Aurelia - Happy outside hurt inside!

6)Mandeep - life is not sober without u dear...

7)Siong - money money

8)Boon Jiun - don't be eratic. keep on going with the path that you had chosen from the beginning

9)Kelly - abacus training

10)Karen -

Haha! That's all. Wonder what's up with them aye? hehe =) Oki! So you've read all of it. And now....You're TAG!!! Haha! Enjoy~


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