Falling for pumps~

Yesterday after work I went shopping with mummy and bro at Satok. Mummy said wana bring me go SOS see if there's any shoes that fit my taste.

At SOS (",) look right (.") look left.....


NO BOOTS!!! argh! stupid SOS! So sad u know.. I continued to look around...Saw few pumps...Patent pumps... *not bad aye* I think... mm...maybe going for pumps isn't that bad...I made a few turning round & round the shop (the people must have think I'm crazy)...But in the end walked out with empty hand. Haha!

Then my mum asked if I wana go Wisma Satok and see shoes. I said ok and we went lor. It's been SoOoOo long since I last went to Satok. It's so different! I didn't know Satok now sell so many kinds of stuff. Shoes, bags, clothes, foods.....AhHh! Just so different!

Anyway, we went to all shoes shop. First shop, again, no boots. But there's a pair of brown pumps that caught my eye. So I went to look at it. It's RM35.90. Not bad I thought. Asked my mum's opinion. She said it's just the first shop, why not check out others first? She's right I might regret later. So we walked from one to another. Didn't see any shoes I like. Not even a single pair of nice boots!

Then my mum said there's a shop selling shoes for only RM9.90. The price did caught my attention. So we went searching for that very shop. Found it! Went in...looked around... *bling!* It's like something suddenly shine. It's a pair of black pumps. NICE!!! The nicest pumps I saw today! Picked it up and turned around to look at the price. RM99.00! -_-"' I laugh immediately. Hahaha! But! The salesgirl said it's having 50% discount now, which means it's RM49.50. Quite cheap for such nice pumps. It's Santa Barbara's btw. So surely I want to try on la. Asked for the size. The pumps on display was size 37. The salesgirl said they have size 39. And my feet size is 38! In between! So I thought maybe trying on size 39 wouldn't be that bad. I tried. Results? Too loose. So then I took the size 37 and tried again. Results? Too tight! Argh!

Reluctantly left the shop...That pair of nice pumps =( There's another shoes shop beside the previous one. Went in also. Finally saw boots! Haha! Asked for the size again. Size 39 is the biggest they have. And it's tight! Tell you girls something about boots. You can only wear size larger than what you're wearing. For example, my feet's size 38 but I'm wearing boots size 40. It's due to the way you gotta stuff your feet in and take it out later. That's why you always need bigger boots. Hehe =)

So, after shopping at Satok, was so exhausted. Went home empty handed again. Haiz... Well, there's one thing I found out about myself. Thanks to Joanne though. She encouraged me to wear pumps. And I'm finding myself falling for pumps. Hehe =) Thanks Jo~ Might be going to Vincci some time..


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